Anurag accost Prerna for playing mind game with his pure love

In Kasauti Zindagi Kay it seems like everyone is trying to win Prerna's trust and love. It's like a war begins between Anurag and Mr. Bajaj's arrest on Anurag's murder charges. Mr. Bajaj is intentionally bearing the punishment in jail as he wants to prove his innocence to Prerna and win her trust. Anurag gets heartbroken when he sees Prerna and Bajaj together. However, soon he realizes Prerna doing drama with Bajaj.

Anurag is upset about how Prerna is playing love drama with Bajaj to make him feel that she has moved on. Anurag questions Prerna's love and confronts her for why she is playing the game with their pure love by accepting Bajaj. Let see how Prerna will make Anurag move on in his life forgetting her.

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