Rohit brings Band Baja for Sonakshi Rohit's marriage

Rohit has solved Mahatre's wife murder mystery where he also proves Sonakshi's innocence.
Sonakshi gets her lost dignity back while she also gets her Parvati role of KPK back. Sonakshi's TV Actress career once again starts touching the peak of success that Sonakshi and Rohit plan for grand Ganesh Visarjan. However, Suman was still upset with Sippys as because of them Sonakshi got blamed in the murder.

Suman will now accept Sippys happily after all how Rohit saved Sonakshi and protected her from goons attack. All goodwill begin from Ganpati Visarjan when Sippys will come to Rastogi house with all band-Baja in typical Marathi style.

Rohit-Sonakshi along with their families will deck up in Maharashtrian style. Where Sonakshi and Rohit decided to confess their love to each other on this day. Veena and Sippys decide to propose Rohit and Sonakshi's marriage alliance with the new beginnings.

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