Anurag and Prerna's kitchen Romance, Bajaj to take action again

Anurag is trying his best to unmask Bajaj's evil face before Prerna but behind this, he is trying to make Prerna revive their lost love. Anurag and Prerna come close to each other amid Durga pooja.
However, Bajaj gets unhappy seeing Prerna's such affection for Anurag, he still avoids the same as he trusts Prerna. Interestingly, now the situation will change when Anurag and Prerna will hug each other in the kitchen.

Anurag and Prerna revive their love when Prerna stands up on the stool to get a container but eventually, she falls while Anurag holds her. Anurag and Prerna share an intimate hug while this pisses off Bajaj. Prerna is loyal but Bajaj too showed his loyalty but does not want Anurag in Prerna’s life at any cost.  Initially, Bajaj wanted Prerna just as Kuki’s mother but now he has fallen in love.

Hence Bajaj wants Prerna in his life too as she completes his family. Bajaj’s wish to confess love for Prerna goes down the drain. Furthermore, Bajaj just wises to confess his love for Prerna during this Durga Pooja and get her permanently in his life. But things turnaround as Prerna gets close to Anurag and hugs him in love. Anurag comes to know that Prerna loves him and is helpless. Prerna chooses Anurag as her love.

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