Viraj's wife Nitara betrays to expose Komolika

A big twist is about to come in Kasauti Zindagi Kay, Viraj and Komolika are planning and plotting against Anurag and Prerna. Meanwhile, a big reality has come forth where Viraj is revealed to be a married man. Viraj and Komolika suddenly get in an argument when Komolika reveals about Viraj's wife Nitara's call. Viraj yells at Komolika for speaking against her as he loves her a lot and can't hear anything against her.

Anurag starts getting doubtful on Prerna. While here Nitara is fed up with Viraj and Komolika's planning and plotting, she calls Komolika to let Viraj leave. On one side, Anurag has developed doubt against Viraj. Let see how Viraj's wife Nitara will only end his and Komolika's dirty game with Anurag and Prerna.

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