My Sister is 'Lambi Race Ka Ghoda', says Soniya Bansal's Sister

Soniya Bansal's Sister Supports Her, Calls Her a 'Lambi Race Ka Ghoda' Soniya Bansal's sister, Ayra Bansal, has come out in support of her sister after she was involved in a heated argument with Abhishek Kumar on the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17

In a recent interview, Ayra called Soniya a "lambi race ka ghoda" (long-distance horse), meaning that she is in the game for the long haul and will not be easily defeated. Ayra also said that she is proud of Soniya for standing up to Abhishek and not backing down. "I know my sister Soniya is a very positive person and is always clear in her communication. If anyone rubs her the wrong way, she gives it back," Ayra said.

 "She is a 'lambi race ka ghoda' and will not be easily defeated." Ayra's support for Soniya comes after the latter was involved in a heated argument with Abhishek over a bed assignment. Abhishek accused Soniya of being "rude" and "arrogant," but Soniya stood her ground and refused to back down. 

The argument between Soniya and Abhishek has divided the Bigg Boss 17 house, with some contestants supporting Soniya and others supporting Abhishek. It remains to be seen how this argument will affect Soniya's game in the long run.

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