Aahil is coming to get Sanam back to his home

Aahil comes to his house and is determined to get Sanam back in his life. On the other hand, Shashi Kapoor now as the Mayor of Bhopal comes to her house and the moment she sees Saif, she slaps him. Shashi Kapoor scolds Saif for getting engaged in her absence. Saif informs Shashi Kapoor that the girl he is engaged to is the sister of the Nawab of Bhopal. The moment Shashi Kapoor hears this; she asks Saif for Aahil's number and calls Aahil. Shashi Kapoor tells Aahil that she wants to meet him so they can get Saif and Nazia married immediately. Aahil agrees and hangs up the phone. Shashi Kapoor warns Saif to ensure that he doesn't make any mistakes that can ruin her name. 

Saif leaves promising the same. After Saif leaves, Shashi Kapoor gets Tanveer's message on voice mail but cannot believe that it was truly her mother who had called Shashi Kapoor. That night, Jannat is unable to sleep and apologizes to Shaad for not letting him come close to her in spite of them being husband and wife. Jannat tells Shaad that she is scared that this lack of intimacy will affect their relationship. Shaad agrees with Jannat and decides to confess the truth to Jannat. Shaad tells Jannat that he had lied the first time he saw her and told everyone that she is his wife just to save her life but today he truly loves her and is surprised to find Jannat fast asleep. Shaad once again being unable to confess simply watches Jannat sleep and tells her that he really loves her and wants to marry her. The next day, Khaala and Lateef are praying for Nayi Sanam's soul thinking for her to be dead after the accident.

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