Milion Dollar Girl get into Comma

Did you watch Million Dollor Girl? Yes then this news in only for you.Now again an upcoming coma drama on Channel V’s Million Dollar Girl show.
We all know how Avanti (Sana Amin Sheikh) has fallen in love with Virat (Vikram Singh Chauhan) and is all set to confess her feelings to him. She would be seen getting ready, donning a pretty dress and practising her lines, to propose to the man of her dreams.

Unfortunately, all of it would be in vain as she would meet me with a freak accident on her way.
Like a gripping tele series, the guy responsible for such an act would be...Virat!
“It would so happen that Avanti would be on her way to meet Virat, when suddenly a car would hit her. Virat, the driver, would be shocked to see Avanti in such a bad state. He would immediately rush her to the hospital," shared a reliable source.
A more bad news is this due to injuri Avanti will get into a coma and  making Virat to feel guilty about what he did.
Sp Ab kya hoga?  Will Virat-Avanti’s love story is moving to an end? Watch and get know each drama.

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