Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th June 2015 Episode Watch Online

The Episode starts with Ashok warning Raman at his office about his life and home going to be ruined. He leaves. Adi gets taunted by some kids at the science class and defends his dad. The boys ask him to see news, how did he need money, he is big CEO. Adi gets angry and says he will beat them if they say against his dad. Vinni stops Adi and defends Adi and his dad. She smiles and asks the kids to go. Adi thanks him. She says she feels his dad will tell him the truth, her dad says media is bad, they need reason to make stories. She does the experiment with him. Adi smiles seeing her.

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Raman talks to his clients and investors. He asks them to give him some time. He gets Ishita’s call and says I m coming home. Bala brings snacks and asks Vandu to arrange some Punjabi food. He says when Shravan comes, ask him to take Adi to his room. Ishita and Mihika serve tea to them. Vandu asks Simmi to rest in her room. Simmi says I m fine, thanks. Ishita sees them upset. She asks Mihika to take Adi. Bala is ashamed of Subbu and feels guilty. He apologizes to them. Ishita asks him not to feel weak, and pacifies him. Vinni calls Adi and talks to him. Adi thinks did she know society kicked them out. He says he is fine. They have a talk.

Raman comes home and Simmi and Ishita serve him food. He is frustrated and scolds Simmi. Simmi cries. Everyone look on. Raman says Simmi is after him. Simmi leaves. She goes to Vandu’s room and cries. She says Raman will feel its all because of me, I said yes to marry Subbu and all this happened. A lady calls Simmi and calls her shameless and greedy woman, she is a stain on motherhood, at what price did she sell her daughter.

Simmi asks what nonsense, who are you. Subbu pays the lady for making the call. She leaves. Subbu says just wait Simmi, it just started. He calls Simmi and she asks what does he want. He says she did all this, her family is responsible for this. She asks why is he hurting her family. He says fine, come and meet me, I will tell you the truth, come alone. He ends the call. She says I will not go anywhere, this might be his plan.

She cries and talks to Ananya. She says she will know why Subbu did this and takes Ananya. Ishita stops her and asks is she fine. Simmi says I m fine. Ishita asks where is she going. Simmi says just taking Ananya for a walk. Ishita asks her not to feel bad of Raman’s words. Ishita sees Simmi’s bag and thinks where did she go. She stops Simmi and asks her where is she going. Simmi says she is going to meet Subbu. Ishita asks is she mad, I will come along. Simmi says I will come soon, and leaves in the auto. Ishita says how can she go like this. She gets Raman’s call and goes to him upstairs.

Subbu sees Laxmi’s pic and says he was waiting for this day. Simmi comes to Subbu and confronts him. Subbu asks her not to drama and come with him. She agrees.

Ishita tells Raman that Simmi is not at home, she went to meet Subbu. Raman asks is she mad, how did she let her go. She says I tried to stop her, she took Ananya. He says you know Subbu, and calls Simmi.

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