Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita talking about Subbu’s doctor Dr Aditi. She says so many things happened infront of our eyes and we did not notice. Vidya talks to Aditi and says she is finding such love which can’t be hers, she has just tears and pain. Aditi asks did her husband beat her again. Hamari Adhuri Kahani……….plays………… The nurse calls Aditi and says Subbu has called and threatening me, please talk to him. Aditi says fine, transfer the call. Raman and Ishita hear the nurse and talk to her about Subbu. Aditi asks Subbu is this the way to talk, he is getting violent and she will not bear this.

Vidya asks all okay. Ishita and Raman come to meet Aditi. Ishita asks about Subbu, they feel he is hiding anything. Aditi asks them to go. Vidya says she will wait. Raman says sorry, this is urgent. Aditi says she can’t talk about any patient like this. Ishita says Subbu is marrying my sister in law, his past and present can harm her, even I m doctor, if Subbu becomes a threat, you should say. Aditi says I will decide it. Ishita says we know he has harmed anyone, we need to know it. Aditi asks them to leave. Raman asks her to talk with respect with his wife, his family is his life, he can’t bear all this, Subbu is playing a cheap game with them. Aditi says she can’t help them. Vidya asks why can’t she help them.

She introduces herself as Vasudha (Her character from the movie) She says she is stranger, but felt glad to see Raman defending his wife, few people are lucky and some like me. Ishita says no one is unlucky in love, if love is there, it will find the person. Vidya asks Aditi to help them. Aditi says its against rules. Vidya says the patient has threatened you just now, if he can harm anyone, will you not do anything, rules are everywhere, our feelings are more imp. She says you advised me to do what my heart says, is truth not imp for you, you gave me courage to bring love in my life, will you not listen to your own advice, will you not follow your heart, please help them. Aditi agrees.

Vidya gives the file to Ishita. Ishita thanks her and prays that she gets what she is finding. Vidya says no one can help me except myself, I have to be strong and go to my love breaking all the boundaries. Raman says her story is interesting. She says yes, but its still incomplete, I hope you both love each other forever, as there is nothing beautiful than love. She leaves. Raman says she is a great woman. Ishita says woman of substance.

Simmi cries and calls Subbu. She tells Mrs. Bhalla that he is not taking the call. Simmi says she wants to know why he did this. Mrs. Bhalla cries and asks her to see Ananya, she needs you. Simmi hugs Ananya and cries. Mrs. Bhalla hugs her. Ishita and Raman see the file. She says he has extreme anger issues. Raman says why does he want to take revenge from us, why is he blaming us from Laxmi’s death, how is Simmi into this. Raman says I will not leave him. She says we have to wait for Shaila Bua, we have to know whats in his heart.

Mr. Bhalla asks Adi to play news. They see the breaking news of big businessmen selling kids for money. Raman and Ishita are shocked to see the news of Raman selling Simmi’s daughter Ananya for 15 lakhs, and they have details to proof this. Raman says I don’t know anything. They all get worried. Raman recalls Subbu. FB shows Raman gifting Subbu. Subbu says he wants to buy a gift for Simmi, he does not know what to buy, and gives a cheque, asking him to deposit in her account, he will tell her when time comes. Raman says she is very lucky. Raman tells them that Subbu has lied to him, it was his plan.

Ishita says it means his plan was since long time, he wants revenge, its written in this file. Mrs. Bhalla asks what did we do. Subbu tells Sujata that he will show Bhalla family, how it feels when people gossip and spread wrong rumors, what happened with me will happen with them now, I will destroy them step by step, when they break, Simmi will also break, and then….. Simmi says its all her mistake, he made fake promised to me, and showed love for Ananya. Rinki and Ishita ask her not to blame herself. Rinki gets a call and tells Raman that media is calling. Mrs. Bhalla worries. Raman takes the call.

The reporter asks why did Raman sell his niece. Raman says shut up, my niece is with me, happy at our home. Another call comes. Mr. Bhalla asks him not to take the call. Bala tells Vandu about Subbu troubling Bhallas and calls at their home. Neelu says they went to police station. Bala says I will go there to support them and leaves. Raman tells the inspector that Subbu is doing this to take revenge, he will file case on him. The inspector says he is Ananya’s legal guardian and this is adoption paper. Raman says I know, he took sign before marriage. Ishita says Subbu and Simmi were going to get married. The inspector questions them, and says if verification is done, Raman Bhalla can get arrested. Romi calls Pathak and says Raman is arrested, make his bail papers ready.

Raman argues with the inspector and calls him mad. Subbu comes and asks inspector to see his anger. Raman holds his collar and inspector stops him. Subbu says see him, he will kill me. Ishita says Subbu has problem with her, right. Subbu says he will leave. Bala stops him and asks him about his doings, its wrong what he is doing. Subbu says leave me alone and goes. Bala says why is he doing this.

Raman says why anticipatory bail if I did not do anything. The inspector takes the papers from Romi. Raman gets a call and says its all true, give me chance to explain, I m coming to office, give me 15mins. Ishita asks him to be calm. Raman says fine, I promise. He says he has to drop Adi to science class. She says she will send Romi.

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