Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th June 2015

The Episode starts with Ishita and Vandu talking about Adi. Ishita says she is concerned for Adi and wants to keep an eye on him. Vandu asks her to be alert about kids. Ishita says Raman does not let her go in his room. Vandu asks her to be away from room and keep an eye. Ishita gets an idea and recalls Neelu telling about CCTV camera. She leaves and goes to Bhalla house. She asks Neelu to get the camera. She says I know no one will agree, but its my responsibility to keep an eye on Adi. Ishita keeps the CCTV camera and says she can hear and see Adi’s talk with Vinni. She leaves from his room.

Abhishek tells Romi that he is a champion. Romi shows off his extra cool talent and gives him tips. Abhishek says he has made her feel special. Romi asks him to find every detail of her. Abhishek says he is right. Romi says he is master in getting info, but you find about Mihika. Romi sees 20th June date and recalls its Sarika’s birthday. He gets sad and says few girls are so simple, that they get impressed by small things. He recalls Sarika. Abhishek says I know, I can’t hurt anyone’s heart, love is dangerous, its not simple as it looks, its complicated for simple people if anyone cheats then.. Romi says I know, love is confusing, sometimes you feel its attraction, and sometimes you realize the person’s imp after losing the person.

Abhishek says if anyone’s heart breaks and they give up life then… Romi says heart breaks if love is one sided. Abhishek asks who was she. Romi says there was one, when she loved me, I did not understand and when I understood now, she has gone very far from me, its her birthday today. Abhishek says what, its my sister’s birthday too, but w are out of touch since 5 years. He says if your love is true, you will get her. Romi misses Sarika and wishes she meets him once. Abhishek misses Sarika and wishes she meets him and then he will not leave that creep who ditched her.

Ishita tells Vandu that she is fixed camera in Adi’s room. Vandu says good. Ishita says she is feeling guilty. Vandu says its fine you are his mum, kids does not know whats wrong and right. She asks when will that girl come. Ishita says today and ends call seeing Raman. He asks is she not going clinic today. She says she will work from home. He says we will go for long drive, he loves rains. She says no, I have work, you also have work. He gets annoyed and says she spoiled his mood. He leaves. She says she wants to come but Adi is more imp.

Ashok talks to the investor and thanks him for the deal done. He says he will make sure he gives him better profits than Raman could give him. The investor smiles and thinks he will get fun from their fight, and also get profit, this is called business mind. Mihika bumps into Abhishek. He says he has come to meet Appa to get the fountain pen case details. She leaves. Appa welcomes him and offers coffee. Abhishek asks him about Mihika’s birthday. Appa asks why. Abhishek says he has to write in report. Abhishek asks her choice of food, fav cuisine…. Appa asks this might be needed in report, right? Abhishek says no, I will catch the thief, but… Appa smiles and says she loves spicy food, street side. He says she is educated, yet finds happiness in small things.

Abhishek murmurs he will get Mihika. Appa asks what did he say. Abhishek says he will get the thief soon and leaves. Appa smiles understanding Abhishek’s interest in Mihika. Vinni comes and greets Ishita. She takes permission to go in Adi’s room. Ishita asks Neelu to send snacks and cold drink in Adi’s room. She recalls Vandu’s words and says sorry Lord. She sits to hear them. Mrs. Bhalla comes home and Ishita removes the headphones. Ishita says she has some work, she will go inside the room and work. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to carry on.


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