Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls Episode 76 Full Updates

Dylan rushes towards the spot where Debjani supposedly met with an accident. Seeing the crushed car and blood all over the road, Dylan begins to panic and feels helpless. Meanwhile, Binny, Chandi and Eshu watch him from a distance and observe his feelings for Debjani. Later, Dylan decides to leave the spot to speak to the police but the three sisters stop his car. Dylan is shocked to learn that the three sisters had planned this entire scene to learn more about him. He also finds out that Debjani too is watching him from a distance and he goes to speak to her. Meanwhile, Aseem decides to leave the city for a while and return once his case related to Chadda has calmed down. Will Debjani and Dylan manage to wipe their differences and blossom in love? Keep watching to know more.

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