Ishita and Raman's coffee date after solving all issues

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is making the audience hooked to the show with it’s interesting twists and turns in the show.

As we have seen Salman Khan comes to meet the Bhalla and Iyer family during the shooting of Eid sequence, to promote his upcoming movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan.
In the Eid sequence, Salman Khan also plays arm-wrestling match with Raman Bhalla and they all dance together with him.
In the coming episodes,Rinky will be left insecure with mihir working under Raman and shows her anger on ishita.Now anoher problem in Bhalla family regarding rinky and ishita will soon solve this issue.
On the other,Raman will be worried of his disease and ishita confronts him for his behavior.Then he reveals that he is going to die in few days which shocks her.She tells him that he just had an allergy and nothing else.
Soon ishita will broke into tears as raman hided his pain without sharing it with her.Raman understands that he doesnot have any deadly disease and it is his misunderstanding .

Raman apologizes to ishita for his mistake and hugs her.The duo Raman and ishita after emotional talk will have a light and heart full of Conversation in their room with a cup of coffee.They Remember the vows taken at the time of their marriage and promise to each other that they will never hide anything.We will also see Romi and Sarika’s marriage preparations in the Bhalla family and Abhishek’s plots to spoil it.

Wait and See what is going to happen next in Raman and ishita’s life.

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