Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th July 2015 Episode updates

The Episode starts with Raman signing Ishita to come out, after he leaves. He goes out and she goes after him. She asks why did he bring him here at this time. He says he is hungry, lets go to coffee shop. He he orders coffee and sandwiches. He holds her hand and romances. She says anyone will see. He says so what, you are my personal wife. She asks did he come to tease her here. He says lovers come here, everyone knows, she troubled him, why did she call family. She says they just come. She hears some sound and sees Mihir and Rinki there.

Raman and Ishita look on smiling. Mihir says I wish we got a separate room. Raman says they played band of our romance and romancing here. Mihir asks Rinki to sing and gives her a rose. Rinki smiles and sings Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam. Ishita laughs.
Raman and Ishita come out and talk about Mihir and Rinki. She says she can sing and prove she is not shy. He asks her to try. She sings the same song in her style. He says if SRK was here, he would have suffocated your neck. They get a flower and she says how did it fall. Another rose falls and they see Mr. Bhalla giving roses to Mrs. Bhalla and she was throwing it in anger. Ishita smiles and Raman asks her to learn.
Its morning, Raman and Ishita see everyone getting ready. Raman puts juice on Ishita’s saree and says it slipped. Mrs. Bhalla takes Rinki and leaves. Ishita goes to clean the saree. Raman closes the door and smiles. Ishita asks him to give her saree kept in suitcase. He asks her come out wearing the shirt, else he will come. She says just shirt, no. He says there is no option, I will come. She says I m coming. She comes from the washroom, wearing a white shirt. Dil kahin rukta nai…….plays……. he looks at her and smiles.
He says she is looking sexy, he will celebrate his honeymoon today. She says everyone is waiting so… He says even I m waiting and holds her. She says time is not right. He says then return my shirt. She says I like it, I will keep this. He says I don’t share my shirt. The door bell rings and she goes back to washroom after taking her saree. Raman opens the door. Romi surprises him. Raman gets angry and scolds him for having wrong timing. Ishita comes wearing another saree. Romi asks are they not happy seeing him. Ishita says Raman is hungry. Romi takes them.
Mrs. Bhalla says she got message from ad makers that her ad will come on tv, she will get famous now, and tells Ishita that Amma worked in it too. She asks Raman to switch on tv and asks everyone to be silent. They see the ad on tv. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma are not seen in the ad, and the ad ends. Mr. Bhalla says just her clothes were seen. They all laugh. Mrs. Bhalla says she did good acting, director did not know where is our face, Raman switch off tv, nonsense.

Ishita goes to make a call to Adi. Adi tells Shravan that he is getting bored. She calls Adi and asks about his leg, take care, if you need anything, call me or Papa. Adi asks her not to worry. She ends the call. Romi asks Sarika is she fine, he can’t believe everyone is happy and they are together again, he has to ask her hand to her mum. She says she is not in this world now, she died in an accident. He asks how. She says by someone’s carelessness. He says I will file the complaint. She says no need to go to police, don’t tell anyone, whats the use now, I can’t get my wife back. He says we will talk to any relative. She says I don’t have any family. He says we are family and hugs her.
Raman comes and Ishita shows Ruhi sleeping. She says mum and dad took Sarika for walk. He says he will wake up Romi. Ruhi wakes up saying mumma and asks Ishita where is Shagun. Ruhi asks Raman about Shagun, where did she go after earthquake. Ishita says she is fine. Ruhi says she does not visit them now. Ishita says she is there in your memories, so she came in your dream, Raman has seen Shagun in Mumbai, Raman wanted to meet her and she could not meet. Raman says she is here, I could not meet. Ruh asks why. Raman says see time, who will get ready. Riuhi asks him to get ready first. Raman sends her. He worries and says I told you Shagun is bad news.

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