Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 10 July Full Episode

Debjani's sister, Chandu is surprised to learn about the book that Dylan has gifted her and she advices her to not speak to him anymore. Debjani and Dylan once again get into a cold war due to a misunderstanding. Meanwhile, Binny meets her mother-in-law and learns that Chadda has framed Vickey and Aseem by calling them his close associates. Binny's mother-in-law goes on to blame her for ruining her sons' lives. That night, Debjani's sisters discuss with her about Dylan and express their doubts regarding the book issue. Meanwhile, Dylan's mother is surprised to learn about Debjani giving Dylan a cactus as a gift and smells something fishy about the ongoing matter. Later, Debjani's sisters come up with a plan to find out more about Dylan. What is their plan? Will Debjani agree to use their plan?


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