Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th July 2015 Episode Update

The Episode starts with Raman giving his presentation. The man says they will take 10min break. Shravan says he wants to go along Vandu for baby’s checkup. Ruhi asks shall I come too. Shravan says no need, mum can’t take three of us together. Vandu scolds Shravan for arguing with Ruhi and takes Ruhi along. Shravan gets annoyed and leaves. Vandu says she has to talk to Bala. Bala asks what happened to him. She says I think Ishita and Raman should try, there are chances that Ishita can get pregnant. Ruhi hears them. Vandu tells about her friend gynac, and Ishita can conceive. Bala says he can’t go today and asks her to take 2-3 days appointment, the doctor fees will be high, I will get tuition fees till then. Ruhi says she can’t come with Vandu and asks her to take Shravan.

Ruhi gets glad that Ishita can have a baby, she will meet the doctor, but how can she go alone. She says Romi said that they can use maps and go anywhere. She finds out the doctor Mukherjee’s clinic and gets the address. The man likes Raman’s presentation and says its tough to convince Bansal. Raman hopes for the best. Ishita calls him to ask whether he had lunch. He says not yet, its not tough to convince Bansal, Jhakad has spoiled my image. She asks him not to worry, she has two good things to say.

She says I will make his fav Italian dish when you come back and second thing is I love you…. You are my hero Raman. He says I love you too. She asks whats this cold way, you can say by heart and even kiss too. He says I love you my Madrasan. She says if Bansal does not you’re your presentation, it will be his loss, you are the winner. He thanks her. The man calls Raman for the meeting. He says he will call later and ends the call. She prays for his successful meeting, he is very good and deserves the best.

The guard brings an assistant director for ad shoot for insurance company, the flat downstairs is rejected, can we make the ad here. Mrs. Bhalla agrees. Ruhi meets the doctor and says she wants his help, her Ishi Maa should have a baby, and asks him to take the piggy bank savings and help her Ishi Maa. She tells how everyone says Ishita can’t get the baby, bad aunty taunts her and I see her crying, I support her, but I want to see her happy, please help me. He says its not simple, do one thing, get your mum and dad here, I will talk to them. She asks him to promise her, then she will get them.

Sarika comes and says she heard them. She asks Ruhi what is she doing here. Ruhi says you here. Sarika says she is my old boss’ daughter and explains Ruhi that this will take some time, so tell mum and dad that doctor will help them. The doctor says he wil help and asks Ruhi to promise to get her mum dad here. Ruhi says promise. Sarika takes Ruhi outside. The doctor asks Ruhi to take her piggy bank. The doctor says hmm, Ishita Raman Bhalla…..

Sarika says I will drop you home, come. Amma comes back and Mrs. Bhalla hugs her. Amma says I missed you a lot and gifts face pack to her. Mrs. Bhalla says shooting is going on. Amma gets glad. Mrs. Bhalla says they are paying money too. The director gets angry on not getting an actor. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla say they will act and do the good roles. Sarika brings Ruhi and tells Ishita that she wants to talk to her. The guy explains the scene to Amma and Mrs. Bhalla. The lady enacts that her husband died. Amma does loud acting and cries. Mrs. Bhalla too cries in her Main Marjawan haye rabba…. style. The director asks what are they doing, will they do so loud acting, the lady is main actress, she will have lines. Amma says will we not cry being her friendly neighbor. He says you just know her, you are not her friend.

Amma and Mrs. Bhalla react casually and the director asks them will anyone react so casual on anyone’s death. Amma argues. The man says he wants tea, he will go mad. Amma says I need coffee. He asks them to go and give any reaction. Ishita asks what are you saying, did she tell this to doctor. Sarika says yes, you are really blessed, Ruhi loves you a lot. She leaves. Dil se dil ka rishta jo hai………plays………. Ishita gets teary eyed and smiles.

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