Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th August 2015 Episode

The Episode starts with Raman, Ishita and family being on the way to stop the truck. Ishita says how will we find the defective boxes. Ruhi says she has to go home. Raman gets angry and says I told not to bring everyone. He asks Romi to take Ruhi home and drops them on the way. The minister addresses the kids in the Independence day function. Romi and Ruhi take lift. Ishita says I m getting call from ministry. She takes the call and says Murthy we are on the way and getting the truck. They all get worried and try tracking the truck. The minister gives this speech. Jai Hanuman…………plays………..The truck reaches the celebration hall.
Bhalla prays on the way. The boxes are unloaded from the truck and the function goes on. The ministers get glad seeing timely delivery. The driver sees Ishita’s missed calls and calls her. She tells him and he gets shocked. He tells the ministers that Ishita asked me not to handover the cartons. They ask what nonsense. Raman and everyone come and stop them. Ishita tells Murthy that someone framed them, two cartons have pesticides. He asks what, how will you find it, its all kids’ life. Raman says we will find some way. Murthy says what will I tell minister. Raman says give me some time. He asks how will you find it.
Murthy asks how can they be so sure that no other box has pesticide. Ishiota says I m sure, as the man has accepted it, Muttu is trained, trust us, as kids’ life is imp, not any contract. Murthy says I don’t want to take risk. She says fine, and drinks the juice to assure him. She says nothing happened to me, are you sure now that we are not lying. Murthy says alright, I m sure everything will be fine, you also come with us, when minister launches this juice, you all should be there.

The minister launches the drink. Everyone clap. Raman says we have unity in relations and society, I want to thank Murthy and also name the people who made this dream project possible. I want to thank my factory workers. The workers see this on tv and get happy. Raman says they always supported me in good and bad times, they did not hurt my trust. He thanks his neighbors who helped them. He gives them the credit and names them. He says even when a person breaks, he can be fine by family’s support. He says my brother, dad, father in law, everyone kept my respect, and thanks them. He says it’s a woman behind a man’s success, he is here and all the credit goes to his wife Ishita Bhalla. He says she has completed the project and better than I would have done. He thanks her. He says how can I forgot my daughter Ruhi, Ruhi and her smart friend Muttu helped us, and wishes them a happy independence day. They all clap.
Mr. Bhalla sees the news of Ishita Bhalla saving kids. He shows the positive news to everyone and they all get glad. Sarika gets worried seeing the family pic and thinks she should have not been in this pic, if anyone sees it then… Ishita asks Raman to take multivitamin tablets. He says I remember, you are forgetting something. She asks what, I don’t remember. He says his sponge bath is pending. She asks him to go and have bath. He says you are the nurse here, you have to do this. She says she has lots of work, its Shitija’s naming ceremony. He romances. She makes excuse and leaves.
Ishita comes downstairs and Neelu gives some packet from her clinic. Ishita says keep this in my room and ask Raman do you want any help, go. Neelu asks Raman does he need any help. Raman saks her to help herself. Neelu says Bhabhi said. Raman says I need another Bhabbhi for you, will you find. Raman comes to Ishita and she says she is very busy. Mrs. Bhalla shows the gifts she got for Shitija. Ishita says Raman needs your help, he wants sponge bath. Mrs. Bhalla says come. Romi teases Raman and says mum will give Raman sponge bath. Ishita asks both of them to wash Raman and laughs.


Rinki apologizes to Raman and Ishita. She says forgive me, I m a horrible person. Raman hugs her and they all smile. Sarika is at her old chazlw and says I got saved, if Abhishek saw me then… how long will I be save. Her purse falls and Abhishek picks it. She gets stunned seeing him.

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