Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 18th August 2015 Episode

The Episode starts with Juliet asking Dabbu to confess her feelings to Dylan. Dabbu hugs her and thanks her. Juliet asks her to go and smiles. Chandi, Binny and Eshu wait for Dabbu and think did Dabbu confess her love to Dylan or not. Eshu says she is scared seeing the lonely road. Chandi asks why is she scared. Eshu says she has seen serial killer movie. Binny says she is scaring me. Chandi says such things don’t happen in real life. A man comes to them, and knocks on window. They all scream and get scared. Its Rajveer. He asks what happened. They see him and ask him why is he here. He says I live nearby, I came for walk and saw LN’s car here, so I came to see.

Chandi asks why will we report to you. Binny says we are waiting for Dabbu, she went to meet Dylan. He asks where does he stay. Binny says that house. He says it means we are neighbors. Chandi thinks e will stick to Dylan now. Rajveer says we can have kulfi. Chandi refuses and says she won’t go. He says I will go and get it. He says we will all eat, if Chandi just looks at them, they will have stomach ache and goes to get it.

Dabbu goes to Dylan’s room and is tensed. She says aunty treated me so well, what am I doing, I just have to do this. She goes inside the room and smiles seeing Dylan. She thinks she looks so sweet sleeping, he is so cute. He turns and wakes up. He asks who is here, thief I won’t leave you and catches her. He opens the light and sees Dabbu. He asks is she here or is he dreaming. She says I m here. He says I think I m dreaming. She says no, I really came, see. He says what are you doing here alone at my house in such clothes.

She says I… He asks her to say, whats your problem. She asks whats his problem, why doesn’t he understand. He asks what, anything special. She says think well, I won’t tell this first. He says oh, I understood. She smiles and asks really? She says so…. He asks so? She asks why is he not saying I love you then, and turns her face being shy. He smiles seeing her. She says what did I do, I said it first.

He asks whom is she talking to, and holds her. He says Miss Debjani Thakur, I love you too. They smile. He says I really love you and kisses her hand. He says I always loved you and will always love you till I die. They hug and smile. Rajveer brings kulfis for everyone. He tells a joke and Binny and Eshu laugh. He asks Chandi did she not get laugh. She says you came for walk and talking to us since 3 hours. He says yes, its fun to talk and have icecream with lovely people. Eshu says we find your company lovely. Chandi says we should think when will Dabbu come.

Dabbu comes smiling. Chandi asks what happened, did you say it and did he say I love you too, if I know you both did not confess love, I will get mad. Rajveer says her smile is showing love confession happened. Dabbu says I told my feelings to Dylan, and he said he loves me too. They all get happy. Dabbu tells about Juliet in Dylan’s room, she told everything to her, and shows the surprise, she gave me bangles. They are happy. Chandi says she went to hear Dylan’s yes, and have got his mum’s approval too, we should go home now. Binny asks shall we drop Rajveer. He says no, I will go by walk, you all leave. They leave.

Phool does the aarti puja of Tulsi plant and prays for a nice girl for Gulab. She sees the girls coming home in morning wee hours. Chandi says if dad sees us, he will scold us, stop car here, we will push it so that the sound does not reach dad. Phool says the girls are coming inside the home this time and like thieves, I have to complain to LN and Mamta.

Its morning, Chandi says she has to go to meet Manday with rough sketches of design. Dabbu says its good mum and dad did not wake up at night, we will tell them everything and apologize. Dylan talks to Juliet on the way and says he has taken Abhimanyu to rehab centre, he was not well, I will call from there, its matter of 4 days, we will be back. She asks did you tell Dabbu. He says I will call her after reaching there, love you mom. She says take care. The girls sit to have breakfast. Mamta says LN has gone to office, you guys have special treat today. Phool says she has got surprise and shows the food to them. Dabbu asks is there anything special. Phool says she made food for them, when they all work hard, they stay awake all night, and how do they look so fresh in morning.

They all look at her. Phool says I m tired telling LN to be careful about daughters, its good I wake up in morning and pray, so I have seen them. Chandi says I think she knows everything, she will tell mum. Mamta asks what does she mean. Phool says she has seen…. Dabbu starts coughing and Mamta asks Phool to get water. Dabbu says nothing happened to me, send Phool first, we have to talk something imp. Mamta asks Phool to go, they will talk in evening, she will show Dabbu to doctor. Phool says fine, Dabbu take care and leaves. Dabbu tells Mamta we are sorry, we went out at night. Mamta asks where did you go, why, where. Dabbu says actually…. Sonu and Monu come. Sonu starts coughing and say I m not feeling well. Binny says I will take her to doctor. Sonu takes a phone. Mamta asks Dabbu to say where did she go at night.

Vicky meets Binny and Sonu at the hospital. Dylan talks to Dabbu on video call and says he did not come to office, he got Abhimanyu to rehab centre, last night was the memorable night of my life. She smiles.

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