Surbhi Jyoti emerges stronger post-injury

Actress Surbhi Jyoti of “Qubool Hai” fame has resumed shooting despite six stiches on her head. She feels she has emerged stronger after the injury.

Surbhi, who essays Sanam in the Zee TV show, was shooting for a crucial scene when she ended up getting injured, fell unconscious and was rushed to hospital. Later, she was discharged with six stitches on her head.
Not one to allow her show to suffer, she continued to shoot despite being in pain.Talking about her recovery, Surbhi said in a statement: “I was shooting a scene where my co-actor had to push me to the ground. I was on a harness. We had practised the scene several times, but while doing the take, we miscalculated and I fell, hitting my head on the ground.”

Though advised complete bed-rest, Surbhi is back at the shoot.“I guess I will have to remove my bandage while shooting for my scenes. Like they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” she added.

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