Unexpected Twist In Star Plus Ishqbaaz

Anika gives the bangles to Kamini and says that it costs 10 crore so you can keep it.

Kamini gets happy and then she asks everyone to find out who stole jewellery just then Shivaye says that he will find out Pinky has not done anything.

Pinky says to Daadi that she has not done anything then everyone goes there.

Shivaye convinces annoyed Anika.Shivaye asks Anika from where she got the bangles so then Anika gets shocked and says that you only gifted me those bangles.

Anika gets upset from Shivaye and goes from there.Anika says that I am upset because you forgot all those moments; Shivaye says that at that time he was thinking about Mrs.Randhawa.

Anika says that I feel you are not Shivaye, he gets shocked.Anika says that you have said so many plz that I feel my husband has got changed. Shivaye hides jewellery in flower pot, Saumya gives keys to Pinky.

Precap: Shivaye apologizes from Pinky's side, Pinky gets shattered.
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