Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2015 Episode

The Episode starts with Romi meeting Abhishek and telling him about Sarika and his marriage. Abhishek says congrats and looks at Sarika. Everyone talk about Romi’s marriage. Abhishek asks her to end this drama and come with him. He takes her. Romi says where is he taking Sarika and goes there. Raman looks on. Sarika says leave me. Abhishek says we have to talk right now, come with me. Romi says Abhishek.. and frees Sarika’s hand. He asks them what happened. Abhishek says we need to talk. Raman and Ishita come there and asks them to come inside and talk. They all ask Sarika how does she know Sarika. Abhishek asks her to answer.

Sarika says she won’t answer. Raman asks her not to be afraid, her family is with her, tell us whats the matter. Sarika says Abhishek is my brother. They all get shocked. Romi asks Abhishek is she your sister, the one you were finding. He says yes, she is my uncle’s daughter, I came Delhi to find her, she is running away. Ishita asks Sarika whats her problem. Abhishek says we belong to orthodox family, she stayed in Delhi with her family, she had liberal upbringing, after her parents died, I came back after training and came to know she is pregnant without marriage, the village and panchayat are angry, they believe she did two crimes, to love guy outside her community and getting pregnant without marriage.

Sarika says its lie, Romi and I got married. Mr. Bhalla says we accepted her, she is our bahu, whats the problem. Abhishek says panchayat and our family is angry, they will kill her on name of honor killing. Raman says shut up Abhishek, this orthodox thinking ruined our country, you are educated. Ishita says who will get happiness by this killing, you are educated, police officer, how can you say this. Abhishek says I m saying facts, these are traditions there, I don’t agree with any of them, I m also with Sarika. Sarika says it means you were not finding me to kill me. She hugs him and cries.

He asks are you mad, don’t you know me, I came to protect you and took posting in Delhi. She says sorry, I thought you are angry and kill me and Rohit. They all smile. He says its my responsibility to protect you and your son from them. Romi says I m sorry, I m that cheap man who left my wife and son, I realized my mistake, and asks for Sarika’s hand. Abhishek says I know this, I don’t believe in caste and all, all I want is you keep her happy. He gives Sarika’s hand to him, and says he will do her kanyadaan in their marriage. They all clap happily.

Mihika comes and asks them to come. They tell her that Abhishek is Sarika’s brother. She says oh, you were finding her, world is so small. They all go for dinner at Iyer house. Abhishek thanks Mihika that he could meet Sarika. Mr. Bhalla says pandit fixed the date next week and asks them to prepare. They all decide what type of marriage to keep, simple or grand. Sarika says I prefer simple. Mrs. Bhalla says she is shy, I want it grand one, I will dance.

Raman asks Romi not to become wife’s puppet and shows Bala. He asks why did he ask dad to ask Sarika, don’t be in her control, understand this. Ishita hears this and starts praising herself. They start arguing. She goes being annoyed. Romi tries to stop her. Raman asks him not to stop her, else she will feel she is right, but I m right. We will make them dance.

Ishita and Vandu ask Sarika to control her husband. Ishita says Raman is rude, all bad habits, no sense, he gives gaudy gifts. Vandu also gives some tips. Raman asks Romi to have control on wife and trains him. Ishita, Vandu and Sarika have a laugh.

Shagun looks for yoghurt and argues with Manoj. He sees the other one and she scolds him. He says fine, you can take this back. She says I won’t eat your leftover one. He says sorry, I did mistake. She asks him not to touch his things. He says right, then remove your tshirt. She says how cheap and scolds him. He says you are crossing the line, this is my tshirt. She says what nonsense. He asks her to check label. She checks and says so, it was a mistake, everyone has black tshirt. He asks what, I did not hear it. She says I did mistake, I m not interested in wearing your tshirt. He says exactly, even he is not interested, he will get different flavor yoghurt next time to avoid confusion, he is getting late now and leaves.

Everyone prepare for the marriage arrangements. Pathak comes home and tells Raman that Ashok got bail. Raman asks everyone to be calm, Ashok will not do such thing again. Pathak congratulates Romi for his marriage fixing. Raman tells about the bachelor party.

Mrs. Bhalla and Rinki plan and laugh. Mrs. Bhalla mixes wine in Pandi puri. Ishita gets in the effect and acts weird. Sarika says what happened to her?

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