Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th September 2015 Episode

The Episode starts with Ishita talking to Mihika. Shagun feels hungry and wants to eat something yummy. Manoj gets butter chicken for her. Shagun thanks him. Manoj and Shagun dine together. She says if I get pregnant, Ishita is vegetarian, if I eat non veg, is it okay, I think I should eat veg food. He asks are you sure. She says yes. He says lets have paneer dish, you always surprise me, I feel I don’t know you still, Raman and Ishita are lucky that you became surrogate mum of their child. Neelu asks Ishita to see Ruhi. Ruhi asks about Rinki leaving them. Ishita pacifies her.

Ruhi hugs Ishita and cries. Ishita says Raman and I will never leave you. Ruhi says she will die if her parents leave her. Ishita promises her that she won’t leave Ruhi and hugs her. Ishita asks her to take care of elders and be brave. She asks Ruhi to sleep. They hear Raman shouting. Ishita asks Simmi to make Ruhi sleep and goes out to see. Raman slaps and beats Mihir, asking why did he lie that he was in Delhi sincer 2 days. Bala asks how did you know. Raman says Pathak told me, Mihir cheated us. Ishita says calm down, we can talk later. Raman says my sister died. Ishita asks Mihir to tell Raman why did he lie.

Ishita asks Raman to give a chance to Mihir to say. Raman says he was staying here by changing his name, ask him why did he do this. Ishita asks Mihir to say the truth. They all ask Mihir. Raman beats him. Bala asks Raman to control himself. Mihir does not say anything. Raman says police will come and ask him the truth. Ishita says no, we won’t take Mihir to police station, he is part of our family. Raman says I did a lot for him, what did he do. He says now Mihir will tell police the truth and drags him.

Mihika cries and tells Appa its wrong, how could Raman not trust Mihir. Appa says Raman reacts soon, his sister died, he is angry and worried, I m sure he will get Mihir from jail in 2-3 days. Mihika says if Mihir was in Delhi, does this proof he killed Rinki, maybe Mihir had some work, this is not fair, Raman should have spoke to Mihir once, if everyone gets against him and if world says he killed Rinki, I will prove him innocent, I m going police station. Abhishek interrogates Mihir. Ishita and Raman stand outside the lockup. Ishita asks Raman to stop Abhishek, Mihir is like his sister. Raman says Rinki was like my daughter, I doubt on Mihir, let police do the work. He leaves. Abhishek asks Mihir why did he kill Rinki. Mihir says he did not kill Rinki.

Abhishek asks was he in Delhi. Mihir says yes. Abhishek asks why did he lie to everyone, what did he do in these two days. Ishita asks Mihir to say the reason. Mihir says I knew that Rinki is having an extra marital affair, but I did not tell anyone that I m back, Rinki’s friend sent me Kumar and Rinki’s pic. I came here to get proof of Rinki’s affair, I followed Rinki to catch her red handed, I have seen Rinki is not going inside pandal and was waiting for someone, I have seen Ishita and Kumar talking, I heard them and got sure that Rinki and Kumar had an affair, I was going to Ishita, I have seen Romi, Mihika and Ruhi came to pandal, I was shattered and did not know whom to talk, I left from there, I did not kill Rinki. Abhishek says Kumar left from there and cab driver gave statement, how could I believe you left from there, you have motive to kill Rinki, you got cheated by her.

Mihir says I did not kill her, Ishita got us married, Rinki was kiddish, we were having husband and wife relation, I loved her. Abhishek says I want to believe you, but till we get that gun and forensic report, you will be in police custody, Raman has filed murder case on you. Ishita asks Mihir to say something, to prove he did not do this. Mihir says how can Raman think I killed Rinki, I have no proof, I told all the truth, I did not kill Rinki, she was my wife. Ishita cries.

Ishita asks Raman to save Mihir, he is like their son, they can’t get anyone innocent get punished, Mihir has told everything about Rinki’s affair and he came to know about it. Raman says Mihir should have told me, he broke my trust. Ishita says we have no proof. Raman says I can’t do anything for him, you stay here if you want. He leaves. She says how can we leave Mihir like this.

Mihika comes to meet Mihir. Abhishek asks why she wants to meet him. She says I want to meet, I don’t know what you feel, just tell me can I meet him. He allows her. Mihika comes to Mihir and cries. Mihir asks her to leave. She says just talk to me. He says I don’t want to talk to anyone. She asks why is he talking like this. He says what should I talk, can’t you see where I m, Raman filed case against me, no one trusts me. He asks did she come to ask him whether he killed Rinki.

Abhishek comes and says Mihir you have no right to shout on Mihika. Mihika asks Abhishek not to talk in between, and leave them alone. Mihir is her old friend, she knows him well. Abhishek gets stunned and says fine. He goes. Mihika talks to Mihir and asks him to look at her. She says I know you are innocent, if everyone misunderstands you, I know you well, I know what you are going through, your anger, frustration, pain I know it, whatever happens, don’t lose courage, I m with you, till I prove you innocent, I will not stop trying, I know you lost your wife, I will try my best to free you, then I will stop. Mihir cries and turns. She leaves. Mihika thanks Abhishek and leaves from there. Abhishek says is this any strong friendship between them or something else.

Raman sings Jaane tu ya jaane na……… while talking to Shagun. Ishita comes and looks on teary eyed. Shagun asks do you remember. Raman says you like this song, do as Manoj says, don’t go out. She says fine. Manoj says she agreed so soon, you handled her so easily.

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