Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 16th October 2015 Episode

Short Updates:- 

Trisha sleeps beside Dylan and waits for him to wake up. When Dylan wakes up, Trisha pretends to sleep and Dylan is shocked to find himself sleeping next to Trisha. When Dylan does not find Debjani anywhere around, he starts to look for her. Meanwhile, Mamta gets excited about her first meeting with Debjani after the marriage and she wipes away all the differences that she shares with Chandi. By now, Dylan and his entire family look for Debjani but do not find her anywhere in the house. Just as they try to make a few calls, Mamta arrives at Dylan's place along with the rest of the family. How will Mamta and others react when they learn of Debjani's disappearance? Watch the entire episode to know more.

Full Updates:-

The Episode starts with Kamya staring at Dylan, while he is sleeping. She recalls their childhood. He wakes up and turns. She acts like sleeping. He gets shocked seeing her beside him. He wakes her up and asks what is she doing here. She says she was feeling scared, so she has come here and slept. He asks where is Dabbu. She says I did not see her, you were sleeping alone when I came here. He says maybe she is outside, I will see her. She says today it will be known, you love Dabbu more, or I love you more.

Bhu Devi asks Mamta why is she doing this preparations. Mamta says we are going to Dabbu’s house for the first time. LN asks Mamta is she ready. Mamta asks Binny to tell him she is coming. Bhu Devi says I will leave, I have work, I will come when Dabbu comes. Chandi says yes, everyone feels you stay here. Bhu Devi leaves.

Mamta says whatever happening between you and Raj, I did a mistake to slap you. Chandi says no, its your right and love. Mamta says we will talk later and hugs her. LN and Binny smile seeing this. Juliet asks Dylan where can Dabbu go without telling anyone, call her. Dylan tries calling her. Dylan says call disconnected. Kamya says her phone is here. Juliet gets angry and says she is so irresponsible. Kajal recalls Kamya awake at night and asks her did she see Dabbu going anywhere. Kamya says no, I did not see her, when I went in her room, she was not there.

Dylan says where did she go, if the gate is still locked. Kamya smiles. Dabbu wakes up and thinks where is she, how did she come here. Dylan asks the servant does he not know if anyone goes out. Juliet asks Dylan why is he scolding Mohan, its not good to blame him. Shekhawat says gate is locked, it means Dabbu is at home, we all will find him. Kamya says she has made a glass wall formed in between them, they will be close and still away. She recalls putting Dabbu in a box and sending the goon away.

Dabbu knocks on the box and calls out Dylan. Malik comes to meet Binny. She says LN has gone for some work. He says he worked on the case. He asks her to out his phone on charging. She gets shocked seeing her pic on the screen. She gets furious and asks her how did he keep her pic in his phone, how did he think, she has stopped him that day too. He asks her to listen. She asks him to delete it. He says he kept pics to gift her making a collage, if she feels he did mistake, he will delete it, he wanted to surprise her, but he has made her upset, really sorry. He leaves.

Dylan asks Kajal did she get Dabbu. Kajal, Abhimanyu and Mohan say they did not get Dabbu. Shekhawat and Juliet also fail to find her. Kamya asks them did they find Dabbu. Dylan says I don’t know. Mamta asks whom are they finding. Dylan gets shocked seeing Dabbu’s parents at the door. Mamta asks whats the matter, why do they all look worried, did they lose anything imp.

Kamya says you are Dabbu’s mum, do you know where she went. Mamta asks why, Dabbu would be at home, where will she go, she knows we are coming to take her for pagphere. She asks Dylan is he joking and calls out Dabbu. Dabbu pushes the box’s door and calls out Dylan. Mamta asks Dylan did they fight, is Dabbu annoyed, what happened, where will Dabbu go.

Mamta asks Juliet and Shekhawat. She says I have BP problem, don’t joke, tell me about Dabbu. Dylan says calm down, we are trying to find Dabbu, but we are not finding her. Mamta says she does not go anywhere without saying, maybe she is in problem. She gets dizzy. LN and Dylan hold her. Dabbu too gets dizzy. LN takes care of Mamta. Shekhawat asks Abhimanyu to call doctor. LN says no need, just get some water. LN sprinkles water on Mamta’s face and she wakes up. She says I won’t drink water till I get Dabbu. She calls out Dabbu and cries.

Binny, Chandi, Eshu and Bhu Devi do arrangements for Navratri puja. Bhu Devi says she will stand in puja, instead Mamta. She says Mamta did not do aarti today, she could have done and went, Mata Rani can get annoyed. They all give her an angry stare. Mamta cries and LN consoles her. Kamya asks Mamta not to worry, they will get Dabbu. Kamya thinks if Dabbu is alive then she can meet, else you have to die to meet her.


The family comes in the storeroom. Dylan stands near the box. Shekhawat asks Dylan not to worry, they will find her. They all go out and lock the door. Dylan recalls having seen Dabbu’s clothes hanging out of the box and stops.

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