Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th October 2015 Episode

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita hearing Mrs. Bhalla scolding Shagun. Ishita argues with Shagun. Shagun gets angry and says she has risked everything for this baby, even her future, she has no place to go, I will not give this baby, its my problem now. Raman stops her. Shagun says this time I will leave this country, you can’t do anything, my BF Manoj has the surrogacy papers, you all don’t have any proof, this is my child, I thought to give this baby to Ishita, you don’t deserve it, I will not listen to anyone, Raman is all yours now, I m not after him, you saved my children during earthquake and I thought to return your favor, but Bhalla family don’t deserve this, I m not great like Ishita, now this baby is mine, Ruhi and Adi are also my children, remember this, and see they will come to me for sure, as Ishita did not have anything of her own. Raman asks her to listen. Shagun says leave me, let me go and leaves.

Ishita cries and goes to her room. Mihir tells Raman that Shagun can do anything and informs Abhishek. Raman worries. Abhishek comes and says he did not get to know about Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla says I did not know Shagun would do this. Ishita says Shagun has sent a video message. They all see the video. Shagun says I m at airport Ishita, I m going very away with Ishita’s child, you will never know how the baby looks and stays, just I will know it as I will be his mum.

Ishita asks Raman and Abhishek to find her. They all rush to airport. Abhishek says I will see Shagun, security won’t allow you. Abhishek stops Shagun and asks her to come with them. He takes Shagun along and brings her to everyone. Shagun acts to slip and runs from there. She runs to the terrace. Ishita stops Abhishek and says let me talk to her. Ishita stops Shagun and apologizes to her. Shagun says so you are apologizing to get the baby. She says see what I do now and Ishita stops her as she is carrying a baby.

Shagun says leave me, I will win this time, I will not let this baby go to you, you will know the pain to lose the baby. She pushes Ishita and jumps from the terrace. Ishita shouts Shagun….. and gets shocked seeing her fallen on the ground. Raman, Mihir and Abhishek come there. Ishita says Shagun was jumped down the terrace. They get shocked.

Raman says my baby… Abhishek says come down with me, nothing will happen. Ishita goes to Shagun and everyone come after her. They look at Shagun fallen dead. Abhishek checks her and says she is dead. Raman holds her and is in shock. Ishita cries and says she was affected by our words, I m sorry, I tried to save her. Mihir pacifies her. Abhishek asks Mihir to take Raman, he has to take Shagun’s body for postmortem. He asks the guard to note the death time, 1.15. Abhishek sends all of them. Raman comes home with blood on his shirt. Mrs. Bhalla asks him did he get Shagun, whats this blood, I told you Shagun will not give us peace. He says enough, she is dead, she gave up her life. They all get shocked. Raman asks did they get peace now, his unborn baby also died along her. Ishita tells Amma that she tried to stop Shagun, but she jumped from the cliff, what will I tell Ruhi and Adi. They all pacify Ishita. Raman goes to meet Manoj. Manoj asks whats this blood, are you okay, how is Shagun.

He says how will she be fine, she was so insulted. He packs his bag and says he is leaving this home, the neighbors insulted her, they don’t have any humanity, I was coming to your home to take Shagun, come on lets go, I arranged a new house, I will stay with Shagun there, tell me is she alright, why do you look sad. Raman cries. Manoj loses patience and asks him again. Raman says Shagun is dead, she did suicide. Manoj gets shocked. Raman says I could not save her, I m sorry. Manoj sits in shock and cries.

Its night, Ishita is seen sleeping. She wakes up and asks who is there. A vase falls by the wind and she picks it up. The clock shows 1.15. Ishita notices the time and checks the clock. The clock stopped and she wonders how did it stop, she has changed battery yesterday. She recalls Abhishek saying the time 1.15 and checks the time in clock. She says Shagun has died on this time and the clock stopped on this time. She drops the clock.

The pandit asks Ishita about Shagun. Ishita says she was married, she was my husband’s first wife and my children’s mum, Shagun will go as suhaagan. Ishita does her final rites and Shagun holds her hand. Ishita gets shocked.

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