Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th October 2015 Episode

The Episode starts with Ishita crying. Simmi consoles her. Ishita says why did he cheat me, I want my answers, he has to answer me. Shailaja meets Mihir and asks his name. She says you are very cute. Mihir says you are mistaken. She says we will go on long drive and dinner too, it will be fun. Mihir asks her to leave him. Mihika comes to his rescue and says I m his GF, go from here. The girl asks why did he call her on blind date. Mihir says I was waiting for Mihika, I did not call you. Mihika asks her not to go on blind date, anyone can take her advantage. She sends the girl.

Mihir says that girl was forcing herself on me, she held my hand and was taking me. Mihika asks him not to be too stupid. They leave. Manoj comes home. Shagun says I ordered Chinese food and surprises Manoj. He asks is there anything special, your birthday or something. She says yes, but we will talk later. He asks what is it. She says she thought, when her partner comes home tired, she should get his fav food. He asks what did she say. She asks did he not understand, you said we should give a chance to our relationship, so I m trying, I thought this was perfect way. He asks is she joking. She says no. He gets glad and lifts her. He says you made my day and my life. She says I m pregnant. He says sorry, I m very happy, I will inform mum, I will call dad. She smiles and says Raman was right, Manoj loves me a lot, I wish a good relation develops between Manoj and me.

Raman comes home and family stares at him angrily. Raman asks what happened. Mr. Bhalla asks how can you… Ishita interrupts and says just I have the right to ask him. She asks Raman did he make a relation with Shagun, does he have any affair with Shagun. Raman asks are you mad, how can you think so, you trust me right, there is nothing like that. Ishita says we are sure, as you used to hate even her name and never wished to talk to her, you care for her, you talk to her why. He says there is a reason. She asks him to say the reason.

He says there is nothing between me and Shagun. Simmi says please don’t lie, you lied to me in hospital that you are helping Shagun in giving her child a name, you both fooled me, I did paternity test as I don’t trust Shagun, the reports are positive, you are father of Shagun’s child, we all know this. Raman scolds Simmi for doing DNA test and this is breaking Ishita and his relation. Ishita asks what relation, you would have told me this before, Shagun is pregnant with your child, why did you not tell us, love is blind, not to this limit, I can’t trust you, tell me. He says I have no answer. She cries and says he has no answer for me, it means there is no place for me in this house and his life. yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays………… She says its fine and goes to her room.

Mihir and Mihika are at restaurant and talk about that girl. He talks about Rinki and gets sad. Mihika makes him smile and talks about come contract. Abhishek sees them and says Mihika is on dinner with Mihir and joins them. Mihir gets a call and goes. Mihika says I m so sorry, we ordered food so soon. Abhishek asks her to tell Mihir that she loves him. She says there is nothing like that. He says I observed it, you both are compatible, he needs you at this time, tell him if you like him. She says I won’t lie, but I always had feelings for Mihir, I want to be there for him as his friend, he is my best friend, I m happy and Mihir will say if he feels for me. He says till love is realized, it gets late, maybe Mihir also likes you, we have to know what he wants.

She asks what does he mean. He says I have an idea, we can pretend we like each other, we will know whats in his heart, If he has feelings, he will get jealous and fight, then we will know if he likes you or not. Mihika looks at Mihir. Abhishek says it will be good for you both. He thinks this plan will work for him, he will use his charm on Mihika, maybe she really loves him, afterall everything is fair in love and war. Manoj says I tried calling mum, its unreachable, I will try later. Raman comes to them and says everything went wrong, Ishita is mistaken, she feels Shagun and I have an affair and this is our child, its all my mistake. Manoj asks Raman to clear it, it was our decision of not telling Ishita. Raman cries and says my home is breaking. Shagun calms him down and says Ishita is mature, she will understand. Raman says fine, come with me and tell her. Shagun says this is not right time, she would be more angry. Raman asks what shall I do.

Ishita packs her clothes. Simmi asks it this any solution, we will punish Shagun. Shagun and Manoj pacify Raman and tell him that they have to explain Ishita, its right time to tell her, she will calm down, you wait for some time, we are doing this for her, she won’t be annoyed after knowing all this. Simmi says we will teach a lesson to Ishita and takes her along. Raman leaves and Simmi and Ishita come there to meet Shagun.

Raman and Ishita argue over their relation. She says you did not respect me, you made me a Aaya/governess/caretaker infront of Shagun.

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