Qubool Hai 5th November 2015 Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Begum’s residence
Armaan watches silently as mahira sits. begum comes out and is shocked, and then begs armaan while he is sure that mahira would get up at the last minute. he however is adamant and doesnt relent. she tries to make him understand that mahira is adamant and wont budge at all. begum rushes from mahira to armaan asking him to stop. Afreen thinks that its good that mahira shall die, and begum be houseless. just then, armaan’s granny arrives and is surprised to find the commotion and asks whats happening. She comes in the crowd, and then asks afreen whats going on and that this is Armaan’s house. afreen narrates everything, saying that mahira is greedy. granny says that the girl doesnt look so, as who is praying like this, cant be wrong. Afreen asks who is she, disgusted by her concern for mahira. granny taunts that she got really good manners. she says that she wont let this girl be hurt and shall definitely save her. she tries to make her way through the crowd. afreen gets frustrated and rushes after her. As granny comes to the forefront, afreen stands behind her. while granny is shocked, afreen pushes her. In the commotion, she shoves armaan’s granny and she falls right in front of the bulldozer between it and mahira. mahira is shocked to see this and armaan is aghast. Hurrying immediately to rescuse her from the incoming bulldozer, mahira rushes first with armaan after her, for his granny’s help. mahira covers granny while he rushes ahead when it doesnt stop. The bulldozer continues, while armaan steps inside the machine and then takes the steering himself and motors it away, within inches of the ladies. begum is relieved. mahira asks her if she is okay and she says yes. he comes to her, and then instantly begins to take care of her. Afreen is angered, while begum is shocked. Mahira is tensed.

Inside, he tends to his granny’s wound, while she asks him not to bother unnecessarily. she wants to ask about mahira, and he says that she is the previous owner of the house. she asks whats his problem with the house. he says that he has a problem with those who lived inside it. She again repeats that the girl who was so ardently praying cant be wrong at all and that he misunderstood her. But he is insistent too he knows her very well and knows how to handle her very well too. she says that she doesnt know whats going on between them, but knows this much, the due to that girl, his granny is alive today. She says that he gifted him her life, and that he should thank her for this. he is set to thinking, while she smiles at him.

Armaan then comes to mahira, and thanks her for saving granny’s life, but she taunts that even positivity doesnt suit him at all. She says that she would have saved anyone in place of his granny, as she believes in saving unlike him. he hears tensedly. she reminds that she had told she wouldnt let anything happen to the haveli and till she is here, he wont succeed at all. he says that she should thank granny, as had she not been there, she would have been finished today with her house. She asks him to go threaten someone else, as she isnt scared now, since the lord is with her, after what happened today, nd she isnt alone, and asks her to take a countdown, as she shall have him thrown out of the house with his stuff. she storms out. he thinks that some people arent meant to be courteous too, as now he wont only break her house but her pride too, by getting her to sign the papers to relinquish her property.

Later, mahira is thanked by some ladies, who have come to ask for some charity on azad’s behalf, and she happily entertains them. she gets ready to sign the papers. She then starts seeing the papers, while armaan watches from the balcony, calling and telling someone, that his women are with mahira, getting her to sign the papers, in the name of chairty and that she is about to sign. She starts going through the papers. he watches tensedly. the lady is actually, Afreen under the burqa, who gives her a pen that she earlier laced with aneasthesia, and accidentally yet intentionally pricks it, on her hand, and then apologises for her negligence. mahira is about to sign when she gets dizzy. She is boggled as to whats caused this. he watches fom the balcony and wonders whats she doing, and whats taking the delay. afreen smiles under the veil. mahira says that she would just be back. she gets up in a dizzy and groggy state, and begins to walk towards her room, feeling nauseatic all the while. Finally, she is about to fall off, when he holds her, and she confronts him, in her semi-conscious state. he is boggled and tensed to see her like this, wondering what happened to her. he carries her in his arms and then places her on the bed. he tries to wake her up, but she doesnt respond at all. he gets concerned, and dials the doctor and asks him to come in for an emergency. he checks her pulse, and finds that its normal and that she is breathing, and wonders if she is dramatising. He pinches her to see, but finds her actually unconscious, and thinks that if she had to be sick, she could have had that after signing the papers. latif tries begum’s phone in mahira’s room, tensed that begum would be tensed if she gets to know of mahira, while he is tensed, as he checks mahira. When the doctor comes and checks mahira, armaan asks him whats wrong with her. He says that he feels she has been poisoned. this shocks armaan. he says that he is giving the antidote, but cant say for sure, if it shall work. Armaan asks who shall tell him then. He says that he is the doctor, but not the lord. he says that the poison has stunned her brain and isnt lethal, as her heart is beating normally. He says that if she doesnt come back to her senses, within 24 hours, then she might have to be admitted. he then leaves. armaan is tensed. He wonders who has poisoned this poisonous lady and thinks that maybe she did this to herself, as she had told she would do, to save the house.

Scene 2:
Location: Spa and salon
Begum and gazalla have a relaxing session at the spa, where gazalla is supremely happy. begum says that she too is happy, as mahira refused to sign off the papers and she can breathe easily. Her masseuse is actually afreen, who thinks that she can breathe a few minutes more, as after that she has to stop breathing, so that she can take in the fresh air, with her son, and start a new life afresh. she tells gazalla that she is going to the steam room, while gazalla decides to stay back here only. begum leaves. Afreen eyes her evilly.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Armaan halts at the signal, and afreen drives in beside him, and asks for directions. He gives them. she thanks him and then compliments him on his choice, as his car is nice. she then pulls up the windshiels, and drives past. armaan sits boggled, and then drives on. Further on the road, armaan finds afreen in a commotion with another lady, who is fighting with her, as she caused damage to her car. When afreen sees that she has armaan’s attention, she asks the lady to slap her. She does so, and afreen hits her head against the windshield and it starts bleeding. he intervens. She thanks him for his coming and says that she made a mistake and has apologised too. he advocates for her too. But the fight ensues, as afreen pretends to be dizzy, and falls unconscious, when he gets concerned for her, and takes her in his arms, and then walks to his car, while she continues to pretend being sick. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Armaan places afreen beside, an unconscious mahira, as they both lie in the same bed. he is frustrated that he has double problems now as if one wasnt enough. he thinks that he shall have to do something. he goes out. Just then, afreen gets up and eyes mahira evilly.

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