Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th December 2015 Episode Updates

The Episode starts with Ishita and Raman having a sweet moment. He forgot her birthday and she smiles. He says wait, I will say. She says you don’t my birthday. He asks what she knows about him. She says I know everything and answers him. She says she will beat him. They take spoons to fight. She says you claim that you love me and how can you forget my birthday, you will get your fav food. He says let me say, I don’t know your birthday. He apologizes to her and says one thing I know, guess it. He holds her and says I love you. They smile and hug. She says I love you too Raman and cries, thinking she won’t let anything happen to him.

Vandu thinks how to get time to get ready, but she has to wear some jewelry to show off. Bala comes there with new jewelry. She asks him to help her, there is staff party and she has to wear something. She asks his opinion. He says you have to look good being college principal. She says I don’t have anything else, I won’t go, better. He surprises her with a necklace. He asks her to try and asks did she like it. He compliments her. She asks what was the need, return it. He says its not that expensive, I would have got it even if it was expensive. He says you cut down your list for us, because you love us, I also love you, when I saw this invitation, I decided my wife will look most beautiful in the party. She hugs him.

Ishita asks Simmi to call Raman. Simmi says I will call him in some time, and then you leave. Raman asks Ishita to come, they have to make cake together, you are on phone. She says I kept phone on charging. They have a talk about cake. He gets a call and asks Kolkata today itself. Mukherjee says Singapore clients are important for us, we won’t get chance again, its imp for our joint venture. Raman says fine, I will leave for airport. Ishita worries. Raman says I m going Kolkata, not on moon, I will keep in touch with you. He hugs her and thinks why is she getting so emotional as if I m going somewhere for the first time. He goes to do packing. She recalls Ashok’s words and thinks what to do.

Vandu talks to a lady. The lady says these are real diamonds, chain snatching got common. This necklace suits you a lot. Vandu says thanks, Bala gave it. Suraj comes and lady tells him that his lecture got over. Suraj says someone damaged my car, so I got late. Vandu asks was the money given by her husband enough for car repair, if he wants more, he can send bill. Suraj sees her new necklace and says I think Bala is spending money with both hands, its good, let him fly high, then it will be enjoyable to see his fall.

Ishita tells Raman that she has to talk to him. He asks her to say. She says nothing, I have to give you surprise, once you come back. She thinks she will tell him that Shagun and their child is alive. He gets ready and says don’t worry, I will come back. She asks him not to worry. Someone looks at them. Raman says I forgot to inform mum and dad. She says I will tell them, shall I come along to drop you at airport. He says no. He leaves. She thinks she can meet Prateek and Shagun. She gets message that she has no option that kill Raman, so better prepare herself.

Ishita tells Shagun, Prateek and Abhishek that Ashok is threatening her to kill Raman. Abhishek says nothing will happen to Raman. Shagun says don’t worry, Raman will be fine. Ishita says Raman is in Kolkata, if anyone attacks him, Ruhi and Adi are also in risk, and that informer in our home. Abhishek says now we have one way, I will arrest Ashok. Shagun asks how, there is no proof against him, if informer hurts Raman and kids then what will we do, we have to think something better. Ishita says we have two ways, to prove Ashok guilty by getting proof against him, but its not possible, Ashok did not leave any proof, he is very sharp, now about that informer, if we catch that informer, our internal info will not go out, some danger can get away, if we want to catch that informer, maybe there is one way…..

Shagun asks what way. Ishita says we have to do one acting, its very tough for me and sin for me to think. She cries and says we have to act like we have killed Raman. They all get shocked. Shagun says no, we already did this acting, I don’t think so. Prateek says but Raman should be here, he is in Calcutta. Ishita says yes, but no one knows this, I did not tell anyone, I can write a letter for family, that Raman and I are going out somewhere, I will switch off my phone, Raman will also not receive calls in meeting, we both will be unreachable, I will act like killing Raman, I will call family and say Raman is dead, that informer will be excited and inform Ashok, then Ashok will send that informer to confirm about Raman’s death.

She says I think this is our last chance, once that informer comes out, Abhishek will catch him, I have to meet Ashok and tell him that I agreed to him, it won’t be easy, its much tough, I will try that he believes me, we will trap him in Chakravyu in which he trapped us.

Ashok tells Ishita that he wants to see Raman’s death, then he won’t do harm anyone. A lady calls Raman and tells about Ishita’s booking. Raman thinks this is Ishita’s surprise for him. Ashok made that lady call Raman and says now Raman will become Ishita’s surprise

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