Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th December 2015 Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ishita rushing to Shagun. She brings Shagun out, and Ashok gets shocked. Ishita asks Shagun to take long breath and takes her. She makes Shagun sit and asks how is she feeling well. Shagun says I m feeling okay. Ishita asks her to come, they will go to doctor. They stop seeing someone coming to them. Ishita puts torchlight on his face. They get shocked seeing Ashok. Ashok look at them. Raman is at home.

Ashok says great, Shagun you joined Ishita to trap me, you felt I will be caught, Ishita was hiding this, I will tell this to everyone about your drama. Ishita asks him to leave. Ashok asks her to come and they will tell Raman. He holds Shagun’s hand. Ishita asks him to leave Shagun. Ashok pushes Ishita down. He says you both got fun in fooling everyone, come. Abhishek comes there and sees them. Ishita and Shagun relax seeing him.

Ashok says its good you came ACP, see Shagun is alive, her death was just an acting. Abhishek asks Ashok to get out. Ashok asks him to see she is alive, he will expose her. Abhishek says no, you won’t expose anyone. Ashok asks are you three together… it means you are together. Its okay, no one can stop me from saying this truth, come with me Shagun. Abhishek stops Ashok and they have a fight. Ashok falls down. Ishita asks Ashok to leave from here and shouts.Raman hears her and says Ishita is still here. Ishita asks Abhishek to take Shagun and leave. Raman comes downstairs and calls out Abhishek, seeing his car. Ishita worries. Raman sees Ishita and Ashok fallen on the ground. Ishita thinks before Ashok says something, she has to tell Raman something that Raman does not listen Ashok.

Ishita tells Raman that Ashok is troubling her and calling her Shagun, he got mad. Raman beats Ashok. Ashok says you don’t know Raman, she is fooling you. Raman asks guard to tell Ashok. Ashok says she is fooling you, I have seen it, I will prove. Ashok is taken away by guards. Mihika, Vandu and Bala are on the way going back home. Mihika says Raman and Ishita are liars, I m sure they are at home, Vandu says its good they are spending time. Bala tells about Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer’s argument, and says they can’t digest food with fighting.

He does not see and Vandu alerts Bala. The other car gets hit a little. The driver asks Bala to apologize to his boss. Suraj gets down and Bala says he will pay for the loss. Suraj insults him and leaves. Vandu pacifies Bala and asks him not to feel bad, they can’t afford such expensive car. She asks him to come.

Ashok gets angry and says he will tell everything to Raman, then Ishita will know. Suraj comes and asks with whom are you talking alone. Ashok says I have to give you big news, Shagun is alive. Suraj asks what nonsense. Ashok says I have seen her, Ishita and Shagun made big game plan, I knew it. Suraj says fine, you relax, I will make a drink for you. Ashok says how can Shagun do this, I warned her. Suraj adds sleeping tablet in drink to calm down Ashok and gives Ashok. Ashok drinks. Suraj asks Ashok not to tell anyone. Ashok says I will tell everyone. Suraj asks him to plan well and then say. Ashok sleeps. Suraj asks servant to take Ashok to room, he is unwell.

Raman brings food parcel and tells Ishita that mum and dad got it, we will have it. She says I m not hungry. He says I m hungry. She asks him to give her some space and goes to washroom. She is worried for Shagun and calls Abhishek. Raman thinks what happened to her.

Ishita meets Abhishek. He says Shagun is fine. She asks where were you and Prateek, Shagun and I tried calling so many times. He says I was away for imp work, everything is in control, don’t worry. She worries for Ashok’s reaction now, you and Prateek don’t care for Raman. He says you know I always supported you, you can’t blame me. Situation is not worse. She cries. She apologizes and says she was very worried, its big deal that Ashok knows the truth now, what about Shagun, Ashok will torture her. Abhishek pacifies her and says we will keep Shagun safe, we will discuss our plan tomorrow. She says sorry. He says we are together. Raman sees them from window. He says Ishita did not talk to me, and talking to Abhishek now….

Raman gets angry and messes the room. Ishita apologizes and says I behave strange by stress, I did not mean to hurt you. Raman says you spoke to Abhishek and not me, we were friends before.

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