Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 29th December 2015 Episode Update

Sujoy thinks to leave before Rahul actually loses his cool. He clicks a picture with Manvi before going as he wants to tease Rahul. Sonali and Nisha observe it as well. Manvi walks away when Rahul goes to talk to her.

Sonali asks Nisha about Sujoy. Who was he? Nisha shares that he was her ex boyfriend, ex-fiancĂ©. I saw him in the other hall that was adjacent to ours! I find this girl (Manvi) too weird. Who behaves likes this! She must have kept Sujoy as an option. She might have chosen Rahul over him for money. Sonali says why she would call him here then. Nisha replies that such girls keep a backup. She can go back to Sujoy if she is fed up of Rahul. Sonali falls for her words. She is all the more disgusted with Manvi now. I thought I will accept her as my DIL but I don’t think I can accept her anymore. She must have come here to take revenge!

Manvi thinks how low Rahul went to seek his revenge. You separated me from my own family! I am not with them in this hour of need. No one here needs me. Why did you do this!

Shilpa watches Raj’s interview on TV. She is relieved to see him talking all positive. She calls Manvi. Manvi composes herself before picking the call. Shilpa talks about the interview. Is everything fine? Did they accept you? Manvi affirms. Rahul’s papa is a little upset with Baba but they love me a lot. Shilpa asks about Sonali. Manvi speaks positively about her. Shilpa can sense Manvi is crying. Are you alright? Manvi lies she is fine. I am missing you and Baba a lot. Shilpa too says the same. The house is empty without you. You should go back to the party now. There must be guests around. They end the call. Shilpa prays to Ma. Give my daughter strength. She cannot even lie properly.

Rahul asks Manvi why she called Sujoy here. Manvi refuses to leave any of her friends and family for him. Rahul speaks against Sujoy. He is a cheap man. Why don’t you understand? She repeats it that he should not touch her. He says you don’t know the reasons and situation because of which I married you. You would have thanked me instead! Mistake is mine. Why do I expect anything from you! My fault! He walks away.

Sonali reprimands Rahul as Manvi called her ex-boyfriend in the party. They were clicking photos together. Rahul asks her how she knows this. She is shocked that he knows it already. That girl is an opportunist! Rahul tells her to stop. She is Manvi, not any girl. You don’t know her, yet you are pointing a finger at her. Avanti is my ex. If she can be a part of our family affairs then why not him! Sonali is irked with him. How did you change so much for a girl? You have become her lawyer now! It was my mistake. He mentally apologizes to her for hurting her. I cannot prove anything till Manvi’s Baba is fine. I cannot prove Sujoy’s truth before anyone. Please forgive me.

Manvi stands in a corner. Dadi notices her thus. She touches Manvi’s face to wipe her tears. You have fever. Manvi assures her she took medicine. I am worried if people will like the food I have cooked or not. Dadi says when you do something from your heart then people will surely like it!

Sonali talks to her MIL about Rahul speaking always in Manvi’s favour. I wonder what magic she has done on him. Her MIL says you know Rahul well. He never supports wrong. He loves you a lot. Everything will be fine. Sonali says that girl has only come to create problems in our house. I will not support Rahul too in this. Raj asks Sonali to get the food served. Sonali goes to check the same. Dadi is sad. Manvi is so ill yet she made so much preps. No one can see her hard work.

Sonali is shocked to see the less quantity of food Manvi has cooked. She questions Manvi about the same. Manvi shares she has cooked food for 20+50 persons. Avanti later told me about the extra people coming in. I cooked khichdi for them. The menu is Bengali which leaves Sonali tensed. Look at the gathering. They are all foreign delegates and rich class people. Is this what you will make them eat? Sonali tells Raj Manvi cooked Khichdi for the dinner. He scolds Manvi for her for her upbringing. We have a status to maintain. I did not expect Mexican and Italian from you but your mother would have taught you something! She is doing all this on his father’s wish. Order food in 5 star hotel right now. we will pay the charges. Manvi leaves from there in tears.

Nisha shows it to Avanti. Dad scolded her after knowing about the menu. Avanti vows to create so many problems in Manvi’s life. She will have no option but to leave Rahul’s life. Nisha says she is still here though. Avanti points out that a few people have to be literally pushed out of the house! She is one such case.

Rahul tells the guests his wife has specially cooked food for them. it is a traditional Bengali menu. The servants serve food to guests. Raj looks on shocked. Who told the servants to serve it! Nisha and Avanti wait to see the reaction of people.

Precap: Rahul calls out for Chotu. He drops cold water from the bowl on Manvi by mistake as he turns. She is asleep, maybe under the effect of a medicine. This cold water will negatively affect her health all the more.

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