Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd January 2016 Episode Update

The Episode starts with Romi telling Raman about Sarika, who tried to kill them for Ashok, for sake of some money. Raman says I know she did wrong, but I should thank her, atleast my brother grew up. He asks him to move ahead, and see Rohit. He says Rohi does not know what his mum did, but I want him to remember that his father did for him, you have to manage yourself for Rohit, you are not alone, we all are with you.

He cheers up Romi and says you are lucky that you have one child when Sarika went, I had two kids when my wife left me, don’t cry now, come, we will go in Dolly’s party, change your mood. Romi hugs him and smiles.

Shravan calls Adi. Raman says when the couple comes, we all will shout Happy wedding anniversary. He gets Romi’s call, and asks everyone to hide. Mr. Bhalla brings Dolly’s husband Daler to the community hall. He asks him to see the decorations. They all wish him happy anniversary. Dolly comes and Daler gets surprised. Ishita asks Dolly to make Daler wear Varmala.

Daler and Dolly exchange garlands, and dance on the dhol. Daler thanks Dolly for the surprise. She says thank Ishita, she did all the arrangements. Ishita brings the cake. Dolly thanks her. Ishita asks them to cut cake and looks for Raman.

Daler and Dolly cut the cake and feed each other. Everyone clap. Shravan asks Adi to play rocking music. The man tells Raman that cylinder emptied, and asks for any empty cylinder. Raman says I will get it. Romi and Adi stop him, and ask Raman to enjoy party. Raman jokes Adi to be away from Ishita, its affecting him. They smile.
Mr. Bhalla and Appa have a talk and drink. Raman brings cylinder. Romi says I will take it, you have back pain. Raman says I lifted Ishita many times, she is gas factory, whats this cylinder. Adi takes Raman’s pic. Raman gets back ache. Daler says we are keeping a competition, we will choose Mr. Handsome. Dolly suggests they will choose Ms. Beautiful too.

Raman slowly bring cylinder. The man calls him strong. Raman says you did not meet my wife, and boasts. Romi and Adi smile. Daler tells the rules and asks everyone to give their votes to the one they consider handsome and beautiful, then wining Jodi will dance. Romi and Adi joke on Raman, who is hiding his backache. Ishita asks them why are they laughing seeing Raman, what did they do. Adi tells her. She sees Raman and smiles.

She goes to Raman and asks him to come for a dance. Raman says its not my mood to dance. She laughs. He jokes on her and says he will be fine. She asks is it aching a lot. He says a lot… Dolly comes and takes Raman to dance with him. He says about his fast, he does not touch any stranger woman. Ishita says I made him fast, and calls Dolly a hot lady. Daler asks Dolly to dance with her. Dolly says sorry Raman, its your bad luck. Ishita says I m serious, you can’t dance with anyone except me. He says I m ready to dance on your fingers. She goes to get painkillers. Adi asks Romi to dance. Romi says I can’t, I have Rohit. Mihika takes Rohit, and asks Romi to go.

Raman says I will take medicines, I don’t trust your medical knowledge. She makes him take medicines. He says nothing will happen to me, and jokes on her. But seriously, till you are with me, nothing will happen. She asks what will he have, she will get the food. He says I m hungry, and asks her not to tell anyone about his backache. She jokes on his short height, and he taunts on her weight. They laugh.

Mihir comes and wishes Daler and Dolly. Mihika asks Raman and Ishita to come and dance. They refuse and say they are waiting for a special song. Mihir asks Raman does he have back pain… Ishita says Raman is young and strong. Daler says everyone has put the chits, we will see who is Ms. Beautiful. Ishita takes Raman there.

Daler announces Ishita is Ms. Beautiful. Raman says I will be Mr. Handsome. Mihika announces Mr. Handsome is Mr. Bhalla. Raman gets up. Mihika says wait Raman, its Bhalla uncle. Raman says I m sure people buy awards. Mr. Bhalla says how did this happen, thanks everyone. Daler says its 10mins for new year, and now there will be couple dance. Raman goes to loo. Mihir gives a yellow rose to Mihika, and says its for friendship, I thought to give it to my imp friend, because we are friends for life. she says yes. He says I m bad dancer, but I want to dance today. Romi sits sad. Ishita looks at him..

She asks Romi is he feeling lonely. He says I feel broken, Sarika did this with me, she tried to kill my family, I felt she loves me a lot, see what she did with Raman. She says Sarika would have some reason, I really want to know.

Raman says we don’t need to know about Sarika. Ishita says Sarika is a mother and wife, why will she kill her family, there will be some reason.

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