Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st March 2016 Episode Updates

The Episode starts with Raman getting shocked reading the papers. Ruhi argues with Raman and says she wants to break relations with him. Ruhi tells Raman that she does not want to be with Raman and that’s why giving him divorce. Raman gets angry. Ruhi says I hate you and goes. They all cry. Bala advises Raman and Raman argues with him. Bala says Ruhi is sensitive, she is little girl, I spoke to counselor, she is going through bad phase, calm down and deal with kids well. Raman scolds him and says I will manage my home, I don’t need your advice. Bala asks are you mad, do you understand, we are still relatives… Raman calls it enough and counts his favors on Bala. Bala says you are crossing your limits. Raman says look at yourself, this is my house, I can do anything, go home, sorry I forgot you have no house, you stay in inlaws. Bala cries and says you did right Raman to show me your true colors, I will never come here, I did not come to beg you for money, you came with cheque to help me, I will return your money. Raman asks him to come that day in this house. Bala leaves angrily and upset. Simmi cries and says why did Ishita go, see the house state. Romi says go and see Ruhi. Shagun and Simmi go to Ruhi and see her talking to Ishita’s pic. Ruhi misses Ishita and wishes Ishita comes back soon. She recalls Ishita. Teri bechaini ka…………..plays….. Shagun asks Simmi to let Ruhi cry, she will be fine. They leave.

Bala tells Mr. Bhalla to tell Raman that I will return money to him. Mr. Bhalla says no need, Raman got angry for no reason, he is doing same things like he used to do when Shagun left him, I think he is in shock that Ishita went. Bala says I understand, but Ishita’s tervi did not happen, and Raman is preparing for marriage, like he is not sad for Ishita’s death, its not that Raman whom I knew, he changed. Mr. Bhalla says yes, but we behave same way, things will get worse, calm down. Bala asks him not to request, I know the situation, I m with you, don’t worry. Mr. Bhalla thanks him.

Sarika tells Niddhi that I like your style. She tells bad about family and forwards hand to shake. Niddhi moves her hand back and asks are you classic vamp of this house, I love Raman and respect him, I care for his family, if Raman gets hurt by you, then I will not leave you, we are not friends and not enemies. Sarika asks Niddhi how did Raman change so soon. Niddhi says love and passion, everything, which is not there between you and your husband. Sarika asks love, what nonsense, Raman used to sleep on floor as Ishita used to sleep on floor in jail, he used to eat dry roti, they had much love, then when did you both fall in love. Niddhi says who said love can happen with one woman, Raman and I have a past, we love each other a lot. She says I don’t want anyone to know, but this is enough for you. Sarika thinks about Raman and Niddhi’s past.

Its morning, Raman and Niddhi come to have breakfast. Ruhi talks with manners and rude to Niddhi. Raman says its time we send Ruhi to boarding school. Simmi says we will manage Ruhi, you manage your new relations. Raman gets a call and says I needed this contract at any cost, I m coming office. He goes office and talks to Pandey about the contract. Pandey asks about his image, we read in news about your wife, we want clean named people, that’s why we gave contract to him. Ashok comes and Raman fumes. He asks about Ashok’s image, and tells his scams.

Pandey says Mr. Raichand is backing Ashok, as Ashok is going to marry his daughter. Raman asks does Raichand know whom is he giving his daughter and calls Ashok Aiyyaash… Ashok says impressive word, I think Raman is jealous of me, Raman’s life is also cool, you are marrying your lawyer Niddhi right, I do everything openly, and Raman always hides things, how did you change after Ishita died. Raman says I will deal with you your way, and scolds him.

Shagun talks to teacher and asks why is she stopping her from meeting Ruhi. Teacher says its principal’s order. Shagun goes and asks Principal the same. She says I m Ruhi’s mother, its not legally right. Niddhi comes and argues with Shagun. She says Raman has Ruhi’s custody, he does not like you meeting Ruhi. Shagun says shut up, I m her mother. Niddhi asks her to talk in low tone and reminds how Shagun left Ruhi. Shagun says so you are after all this. Niddhi says I m just after Raman, I love Ruhi as Raman does, I m going to be her new Maa. She smiles.

A man tells inspector that Ishita came to the cliff with someone. Ruhi tells Raman about divorce, so she is going to stay at Amma’s house now.

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