Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 1st March 2016 Episode Updates

Manvi comes home. she relates the incident at home. Sonali advises Raj to call back on the number. Raj is hesitant. He tries the number but it is switched off. Dadi is sure something is wrong. Manvi thinks to lodge a police complaint. Dadi seconds her but Raj stops her. I will personally speak to Commissioner. I don’t want public to know it.

Raj tells SOnali that he spoke to commissioner. He said he will personally handle it. tell the servants that Rahul is in Bangalore. I don’t want this news to be made public anyhow.

A man enters inside Sabharwal House at night. The man steals the jewellery from Manvi’s room. He thinks of touching her while she is asleep but the intentionally drops something to wake her up. She immediately shouts thief. The guy beats everyone who comes in his way. He still manages to flee.

Sonali tends to Shaleen. He is in pain. Manvi has called doc. She is fine. Dadi tells everyone to check if anything is missing. Manvi and SOnali go to Manvi’s room. The cupboard is open but everything is intact. She checks Rahul’s cupboard. His stuff is also intact. Sonali says maybe he couldn’t steal by the time you woke up. Manvi notices a few of Rahul’s clothes missing. Sonali wonders why he would do so. Manvi hints at kidnapping. Sonali dismisses the thought. There has been no ransom call so far. Raj asks about Shaleen. He missed catching the thief. He was on bike. Manvi finds it weird. He parked the bike outside. Maybe he knows about Rahul’s whereabouts. Sonali thinks to tell this to police but Raj doesn’t want it. Kidnappers can harm Rahul if the news leaks. He warns everyone to make sure no one says so.

Nisha asks Shaleen why he had to act like a hero. Raj says he is a hero. He doesn’t have to show it. he asks Shaleen how he is. Raj offers to take him to hospital as he is in pain. Nisha denies. we have called doc. Raj tells him to rest. Nisha is surprised. Dad is showering so much love on you today!

Manvi stands lost in thought. Sonali asks her if she is fine. manvi says I am fine but tensed. I wonder where Rahul will be and how he is. Is he fine? He would never leave you all willingly. I find something wrong.

Rahul has been tied on a chair. He changes as the scenes of that temple flash before his eyes. The guy on bike reaches that secluded place. Another guy asks him why he got so late. He shares that he was almost caught. People steal things but I went o steal clothes. What was the need for it? The other guy tells him to keep his mouth shut. You are getting paid for it. He goes inside. The biker hears some strange noise coming from the room. I have seen him only in paper or on tv. I should see him personally once.

Rahul tries to break free but in vain. The guy tells him about going to his room just now. He talks cheaply about Manvi. Next time I will do my work. She was missing you. I will fulfil her need. It will be fun. The tiger takes over him. The guy looks on shocked. Rahul scratches him badly. The other guys hold Rahul back somehow. The biker falls on the floor. The others tie Rahul back first and then immediately take the biker to hospital. Rahul falls unconscious. The guys think to do something about Rahul. He might have killed our guy today. He gets so angry! We wouldn’t have brought him here if we knew about this. We will kill him if he acts like this again!

Manvi and Dadi think who could be the enemy. Dadi doubts that it might actually be Raj’s enemy. He wants to move ahead just to leave people behind. He has made many enemies all along. This house needs you. Raj is scolding everyone as Rahul is his darling. You have to maintain the peace of this house. Even Sonali is not able to do much. Manvi doesn’t know what she should do. Dadi says you are the DIL of this house even if Raj cannot accept it. For this mangalsutra and family’s respect, you will have to be strong. You will have to do this for Rahul. He wouldn’t have left any stone unturned if you were in some problem. Wishes and prayers are very powerful. Maybe they can help him now. I might be old but I know that prays from heart always come true. He will come for sure! Manvi thinks of Rahul. You are right. If I was in his place then he would never give up but save me. he supported me when I was completely broken. He only saved Baba. I might not know his truth and of our marriage but he has always stood by me. I will do sadhna for him. God will have to listen to me as I wont give up!

Next morning, Manvi looks at herself in the mirror. I don’t know how deep our relation is but this vermillion means a lot to me. I will never let it get weak. This mangalsutra is not so weak to break apart. This is my belief. I will make it my goal today. you will have to come back. She does puja. Raj wakes up as he hears someone chanting a mantra. Who is singing? Sonali says it is Manvi’s voice. He is irked as it is noise to him but Dadi tells him it is puja. Nisha is also irked. SOnali asks Manvi the reason behind puja. Manvi says Dadi explained me the importance of prayers last night. I cannot see you all worried for Rahul so I kept a fast for him. I want him to be safe wherever he is. He should come back soon. Nisha calls it a drama. People eat a lot of fruits and drink juices when they keep fast. There is no point. Manvi says I will neither ear nor drink anything today till sunset. I will do Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap till evening. Sonali hopes she succeeds. Raj points out that this fast isn’t is easy. Manvi refuses to give up.

Precap: The guys want to make the video of Rahul turning into an animal. Guru ji tells them against it. No one should even know about it!

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