FAN Movie Review - Best Thriller movie

I have been a fan of ‪#‎SRK‬ ever since I can remember...which is like since always. I too used to have pictures and posters of SRK, was in love with him, obsessed with him, amazed by his acting prowess in short I have always been a ‘Jabra Fan’. Today while seeing FAN, I realized why I love this actor, this superstar and this amazing person. Normally when I write my reviews regarding a SRK movie I try to be impartial but today I am not going to do that. Today I am going to put my ‘FAN-MODE’ on full swing and simply gush about #Fan and the phenomenal, beyond superlative performance by ‪#‎KingKhan‬ as ‪#‎GauravChandana‬ and ‪#‎AryanKhanna‬
For starters it has to be one of the best thrillers in recent times, and SRK’s best performance since My Name is Khan. The movie starts on an innocent note but from the moment the movie takes its actual course there isn’t a moment when you aren’t at the edge of your seat. Yes, the second half does loses its grip which could have been very easily avoided with a little smart thinking but I am not going to consider that because the performances more than makes up for it.
We have had a lot of movies on the subject of ‘Obsession’ and some on ‘Fan Obsession’ too. But #Fan’s success lies in certain key factors the team has thoroughly looked into while planning the movie. Firstly casting SRK was a fantastic move. Bollywood has a lot of superstars who are globally famous too but the STAR VALUE Shahrukh has, the superstar IMAGE and AIR about and around him and the fact that he is a BRAND helps the movie by leaps and bounds. The second best move was casting the Superstar and the obsessed fan as ‘Males’. I don’t believe the movie would have made the impact it seems to be making if the star was SRK and the fan an actress, the plot and entertainment value would have been lost. Vice-Versa is not possible because the movie clearly needed a powerful star to carry out that role and there is no beating SRK in that department. Thirdly the obsessed fan turned out to be one who vaguely resembles the superstar which is nothing less than a brilliant move yet again. The team and director Maneesh Sharma knew exactly what they wanted right from the beginning something Yash-Raj Films haven’t been able to do for quite some time. The movie simply flowed, though totally filmy (Especially 2nd Half) there was nothing out of place and the way they chose to end the movie gets bonus points because it was a truly bold move. They could have gone the other way from what they actually did; but they chose to show the dark-side of the theme – ‘Fan Obsession’ and went right ahead with it. And for that very reason I feel that the movie especially SRK’s performance as Gaurav will be hard to forget because a powerful ending always leaves its mark.
Coming to the movie; first of all I was having a hard time believing that the guy who directed Band Baaja Baarat, Shudh Desi Romance etc was the one who directed #Fan because the subject though inspired from Maneesh's real life was very different. The movie though silly in some scenes in the 2nd half isn’t dull. Every minute something happens and it leaves you mouth-wide opened. The best thing about SRK playing the superstar in the movie is that, they tried to keep it as real as possible. Since it is fiction, they did tweak it here and there but overall, it’s like seeing SRK’s life. The shot where he comes to greet his fans waiting outside his home ‘Mannat’ and then opens his arms in that classic SRK Pose leaves you awestruck. Parts in the movie where it is mentioned that wherever Aryan Khanna is today is because of his hard work and dedication would give any true SRK fan goose bumps because you know in real life the journey of your favorite actor who is also the biggest star in the world. His aura, his persona as Aryan Khanna is top-notch and somewhere you know that for most parts SRK is just playing himself. Being a star comes with its share of problems and struggles which is nicely highlighted in the movie. The general notion that Actors/Stars lead a wonderful life which is all glossy and glamorous is untrue as actors are also humans at the end of the day with acting simply their profession. SRK plays Aryan very convincingly.
But Gaurav Chandna is an altogether different story…OH WOW!!!! I would love to see a video or a BTS of how SRK got into the character of Gaurav because undoubtedly this is one of the Darkest Characters he has played. The make-up team did a fab-fantastic job, SRK as Gaurav looks like he is a 25 year old guy as per his character sketch; the tousled hair, lean body; the thiner and pointed nose is a complete contrast to Aryan/SRK and the dental set which actually sets him apart from Aryan was amazing. As Gaurav SRK not only changes his facial features, his Delhi accent is fantastic but the actor does a fabulous job with altering his body-language be it the way he stands, he sits, eats, walks etc. in short you know the role is played by SRK but all you see is Gaurav. Small small things have been taken care of amazingly well and kudos to the team and SRK!!!! Gaurav would make you feel for him and he would also freak you out….to get that balance is no easy feat but SRK Nailed it!!!! Only one word for SRK's performance –EFFORTLESS. He moves in and out as the star and the fan so effortlessly that at times you get lost and begin to wonder who the Fan is and who is the star.
Some of the best scenes in the movie are (No spoilers)
1) The first time Gaurav gets a glimpse of Aryan outside Mannat. I think that is a reaction any SRK fan would have when meeting SRK, irrespective of him/her being an obsessed or a normal fan. It is something that will overwhelm any Fan and when you see Gaurav’s reaction you get a gist of what it would be like.
2) Aryan and Gaurav’s first meet….the location, the circumstance under which they meet and the emotions the two characters feel at that point makes that meeting extremely STRIKING. To make it even better there is this dialogue by Gaurav in the same scene where he imitates Aryan both in style and voice repeating Aryan’s speech to his fans which not only leaves Aryan stunned but also gives you goose bumps!!!
3) Gaurav’s scenes in Mumbai after he does something Nasty and after he returns back to Delhi from meeting Aryan or in other words the scenes pre the intermission leaves you with anticipation and a OMG expression. There is especially a shot where he cries, followed by a lifeless expression- like he has no purpose in life anymore; that whole dejected, failed air SRK creates as Gaurav was phenomenal. I am a SRK fan a huge one too but honestly I too didn’t expect such a heart-stopping performance from Bollywood’s King.
4) The Ending- Unpredictable and Gritty.
You will love Gaurav Chandana innocence, you will want to save him from the insanity he showcases with his obsession but he will also make the hairs on the nape of your neck stand up. Gaurav Chandna is undoubtedly one of SRK’s best performances till date and is quite relatable. It’s a negative role but it keeps oscillating between being a complete grey character and otherwise. There are instances when you feel for the guy but then you are freaked out for Aryan. SRK once again proves that if there is a commercial actor who can carry out being a Villain with ease and perfection, without an ounce of ‘Heroism’ in his portrayal it is him. Darr, Anjaam, Baazigar and now Fan get added to the list as well. The biggest thrill or rush you get watching #Fan is the confrontation between a die-hard fan and a superstar where both the roles are being played by SRK, with the differenced being you get to see SRK the superstar in Aryan Khan and you get to see SRK the Actor-Performer in Gaurav Chandna.

Excellent BG score, amazing screenplay, top-notch editing, brilliant performance and superb direction- Fan easily gets 4.5 Stars. If you want to watch a good movie with a good subject and excellent performance give it a go!!!

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