Shagun to catch Raman-Ishita sleeping together |Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Readers, brace yourselves to witness the much awaited romantic track of your favourite ISHRA on Yeh Hai Mohabbetein (Star Plus)!

The long-due passionate reunion of Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will finally put you at ease. Well, it will start with Ishita, who mistakenly gets drunk and loses her senses in a party. The party is organised by an Advertising agency where Raman and Ishita both are invited as guests.
In a drunken state, Ishita starts dancing, forgetting all the pain, she had lived with all these years. She playfully sings Tu Kheench Meri Photo, referring to Raman as her Piya. Soon, a group of men from the party start chancing on her. Raman, trying to protect Ishita from the unwanted attention takes her to the hotel room.
In the room, the duo will be seen sharing some sweet-bitter moments together. Ishita instigates Raman for drinking and Raman hopelessly gives in. Getting drunk, Raman and Ishita both recall their old memories, discussing out all their misunderstandings and later fall asleep in each other’s arms.
Then starts the drama!
Shagun, (Anita Hassanandani) who is worried for Raman will reach to the hotel room and will be shaken to the core on witnessing this sight. She will get furious and jealous watching Raman and Ishita sleeping together. Now what will be her next step is a wait and watch!
Till then, viewers can surely rejoice their Ishra’s ROMANTIC moment.

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