Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st May 2016 Episode Updates

The Episode starts with Mihir and Adi coming in the party. Mihir looks for Raman. Raman comes and asks what is Adi doing here. Mihir says he is your son, he has to see business, he is Bhalla family heir, he has to learn. Raman tells Adi that Ishita is marrying Mani, will she be your Ishi Maa now. Adi says so what, you are also marrying, will you not be my Papa then, who told you. Raman says Aaliya was telling Ruhaan, I got to know. Adi asks why do you look worried. Raman gets angry and goes. Mihir tells Adi that you would have got slaps from Raman, come, we will have drinks and chill. Adi worries that Ishita is marrying Mani uncle.

The men praise Raman for making an ad with Ruhaan. Ashok and Romi get angry seeing everyone praising Raman and his business climbing up. Romi tells Ashok that I can’t be here where people are praising Raman. Ashok says its plain business, we will talk to Ruhaan about ad campaign, we will do marketing well. Romi asks why will Ruhaan do ad for us. Ashok says his manager, Ni…. I mean Nimrit is my old friends, she can do this for me. Romi says fine, I m leaving now. Ashok says I will call Nimrit and fix an appointment. He calls Niddhi and asks her to meet him at his home in half an hour.

Ishita drinks. Raman looks on and asks manager for a room right away. Ishita is drunk and dances with some guy on Tu kheench meri photo piya……. She hugs Raman and dances with him. Raman holds her and tries to limit her. Ishita takes selfie with some guy. Raman takes her away. He tries to stop her. Raman keeps that guy away. He drags Ishita from there. She asks where are you taking me, I want to party. He says we will go home. She says I want to click a nice picture.

She asks for more drinks. He asks are you mad, leave it, come with me. She laughs and says you lost the challenge, I have drunk a lot, I m standing straight, my voice is low, I m not like you, I m in control, you shout a lot. She shouts. He asks her to come to room, there is a surprise for her. She asks for a drink to have on the way, and says even Raman can share the drink. The manager gives her purse. Raman takes her.

Ruhi looks at Bhalla’s flat and thinks to see Pihu once. Ruhi goes and asks Neelu why is she tensed. She sees the kitchen messed up and asks whats all this. Neelu says Pihu wants to make thank you cake, see the kitchen now, I have to clean everything. Pihu greets Ruhi and asks how do I look as chef, I m making thank you cake, will you help me. Ruhi helps her. Ruhi says cake will be baked in 20mins. Pihu says we will pray to Mata Rani, you don’t watch tv serials, and tells about Parvati. Ruhi laughs and prays along Pihu. She looks at Pihu and smiles. Pihu asks her to close eyes and pray. Ruhi prays for a good cake.

Ashok meets Niddhi at his home and says you missed a good party, we will party here. She argues with him saying you think you can insult me anytime and can decide to send me to Australia. He says I know you are angry, you can punish me too. He tells her that I want Ruhaan to work for me and Romi. She asks are you mad, if Romi knows I m alive, he will kill me or tell everyone. He says no, Romi hates Raman now. She says blood is blood, if Romi knows I m alive, he will hold me responsible for his enmity with Raman, don’t forget I kidnapped that baby because of Romi. Romi comes and asks servant about Ashok. Niddhi hears him and asks Ashok how dare you call me here to get me trapped. Ashok says nothing like that, go and hide, we will talk later. Niddhi leaves. Romi comes and sees her leaving. He does not see her face.

Ruhi says we will do icing now, we will write thank you mum and dad. Pihu says I will do it and writes thank you Ruhi Di. Ruhi gets touched and asks whats this. Pihu says we can thank anyone whom we love, I love you a lot, you are like my elder sister, Adi is best brother, I used to wish to have an elder sister, see I got you today. Tere dil ka mere dil se……plays………….. Ruhi hugs her and smiles. Neelu looks on and thinks Mrs. Bhalla would have been glad seeing them, even Ruhi would be of her age, I wish Ruhi was with Pihu.

Romi asks Ashok to talk to Nimrit and get Ruhaan for ad. Ashok says yes, party just got over, we will do work later, you spend some time with your bride. Ashok says like you are here with your Gf, who is she, won’t you introduce her. Ashok says nothing like that, and denies. Romi goes. Niddhi hears them and gets angry.

Raman gets Ishita to the hotel room. Ishita likes the decorated room and asks are we on honeymoon, I like it. He asks her to sleep. She asks him to have a drink. He asks her to stop this drama. She says you got boring type, you challenged me I can’t drink, I did it and showed it, watch how I m walking straight. She stumbles. He laughs. She asks him to walk and show. He says you have all courage, I m leaving. She says I won’t drink alone, you can’t accept challenge, if you have another drink, you can’t walk straight and you will shout. She asks him to accept challenge.


Shagun walks in the hotel room and sees Raman and Ishita sleeping on the bed. She gets shocked.

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