New Emotional twist in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

In the forthcoming episode, Raman plans to give a special gift on her birthday and all the family member gets busy in collecting gifts for Ruhi’s birthday.Raman Bhalla  decides to gift a photoframe in which there is a collection of her photos of childhood and he also writes an emotional message for Ruhi.

Nidhi will try to stop Ruhi from going in her birthday but her all efforts will go in vain as Ruhi will go in the party.Ruhi gets emotional seeing her childhood photographs as well as Raman’s message and recalls her childhood days.Ruhi misses her childhood days.Ruhi misses her childhood days after seeing her childhood pics and cherishes her childhood memories.
As per the current track Adi tells Ruhi that Nidhi has come home and she is demanding money from Raman to give you back to bhalla family.


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