Raman and Ishita nahi rok paye but Pihu ne roka Ruhi ko jane se | Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ruhi is annoyed with Raman and Ishita, and does not want to stay at their home. Raman gets home a special photo collage. He prepares it for Ruhi’s birthday. Raman gets a beautiful surprise birthday gift. The collage has all memories of Ruhi’s childhood. Ishita, Shagun and Bhallas are happy seeing Raman’s surprise, and hope that this will touch Ruhi’s heart.

 Ishita and Niddhi want to keep Ruhi with them. Pihu becomes a good relieve for Ruhi. Raman and Ishita try to convince Ruhi and send a gift for Ruhi. Ruhi sees the photo collage and her childhood memories. She cries and misses her parents. Pihu meets Ruhi, and tries convincing her in her own way. Pihu innocently conveys her love to Ruhi.

She tells Ruhi to come home and stay with her, as she loves Ruhi a lot. Ruhi’s heart does not melt for Ishita, but Pihu makes a soft corner in Ruhi’s heart.

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