Dev-Sonakshi to get intimate in Sony TV’s Kuch Rang

Go grab a’s going to get steamier and sexier in Sony TV’s hugely popular show Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.Loyal viewers of the drama will see some passionate moments of their favourite jodi.Audience is already aware that Sonakshi has been observing Navratri fast and been maintaining a distance from Dev.
A source shares, “In the coming episode, Dev and Sonakshi will get intimate. However, this will lead to violation of the ritual and Sonakshi’s fast will be broken. This is not where the drama will end. Ishwari will learn about Dev-Sonakshi’s closeness and she would lash out at Sonakshi.”
Poor girl!
So how will Dev calm her mother? What will happen next?
We buzzed the above mentioned actors for a comment but they kept busy shooting.
Watch the exciting episode soon...

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