A new shocking twist in Beyhadh

In  Sony Entertainment Televison Beyhad Arjun (Kushal Tandon) plays prank overMaya (Jennifer Winget) threatening her 

The forthcoming episode of Beyhad will show high voltage drama where Arjun continues his I am cool attitude.Maya is irked with Arjun this attitude and punishes him for what ever wrong he does.Arjun's replaces Maya's golden movie tickets with his ordinary once and enjoys the movie.

Arjun's prank over Maya  

Arjun is done with taking all scoldings of Maya and thus decides to play prank over Maya. Arjun plays his cheap prank and gets Maya locked up in lift alone, Maya is already scared of darkness.Let's see what new twist will Arjun's this prank in his and Maya's life.

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