A new trouble for Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Raman argues with Ishita and asks her why he should believe her. Pihu overhears their conversation and comes out of her room. She asks Ishita not to leave her and go as she gets scared without her. Ishita asks Ruhi to take Pihu inside.

Meanwhile, Mrs Iyer gets to know that Ishita is Shanoo. She says Raman will believe Ishita and her intention. Raman asks Ishita to leave his house and never return. He holds her hand and drags her away when Mrs Iyer enters the Bhalla house. She tells Raman that Ishita has already suffered a lot because of him. However, she won't understand as she is an emotional fool. She asks Ishita to come with her.

Ishita cries and requests Mrs Iyer to understand her. She says she cannot leave Raman alone. Shagun walks in and supports Ishita, but Raman gets upset and says he won't be able to trust her as a friend anymore. He tells her that she knew everything about Shanoo but kept it a secret.
Romi tries to support Ishita and he gets into a fight with Simmi and Mihika for the same. Raman blames Ishita for everything. Meanwhile,Ruhi tries to calm down Pihu and assures her Ishita will soon come back into their life. Mihika visits Iyer house. She throws Shanoo's makeup and clothes saying she would not need this anymore as she has been exposed. Mrs Iyer says that they loved Mihika as their daughter and now they have turned against them.

She argues with them and calls Ishita by her name. Ishita stops Mr Iyer from slapping Mihika. She is seen sitting alone and crying. Raman and Ishita both..think about each other. Suddenly, Ishita gets a call from Pihu who tells her that she is waiting outside her house.

Ishita quickly rushes towards the door and notices Pihu with her bag. She asks Ishita to pack her bag and run away with her. Ishita consoles Pihu and takes her back to the Bhalla house where Raman loses her cool on Pihu. He scolds her and Ishita asks Raman to behave himself.

Pihu refuses to listen to Raman and becomes adamant on not staying away from Ishita. Ishita asks Pihu not to argue with herfather and requests her to go to her room. Simmi watches all this andaccuses Ishita of using Pihu against them. Raman asks Ishita to leave. Mihika joins Simmi and they plan to create a rift between Ishita and Raman. Simmi goes to meet Raman and tells him that he has been tensed because of Ishita. She also tells him that Ishitais using Pihu as part of her plan. Simmi tells Raman that she is worried
about him and does not like seeing him like this. She advises Raman to marry again for Pihu.

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