Tej Saumya's marriage deal with Rudra, a new way to ruin Shivaay's life

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz is up for some major drama and twist. Saumya has turned negative and helps Tej and Veer against Shivaay, Saumya wants to take revenge of her pain. Saumya loves Rudra but Shivaay never thought about her and is getting Rudra and Bhavya married. Saumya cracks a deal with Tej to get Rudra married to her and she will help them against Shivaay.

Tej and Saumya's deal 

Tej agrees to Saumya and this takes the deal forward and Saumya steals Shivaay's phone and uses his bank details to transfer all his money. Saumya executes her plan to con Shivaay and now Shivaay will have to bear major trouble post this bankruptcy trap.

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