Ek Naya Shocking Twist in Brahmrakshas

In Zee Tv's Brahmarakshas  Rishabh (Aham Sharma) accuses himself for Raina's (Krystle Dsouza) accident.

The forthcoming chapter of Brahmarakshas will show high voltage drama where Rishabh asks Raina to leave and go away.Rishabh is not ready to believe on Raina that she could sense Brahmarakshas's presence and accuses Kiara to be one.

Aparajita is doing all this and hinting Raina that Kiara is Brahmarakshas to take revenge from her.Raina leaves Rishabh's house seeing Rishabh's disbelief on her amd goes away from Rishabh and her family.

Rishabh-Raina's love story.Rishabh gets shattered knowing that the bus in which Raina was present had a major accident and many people died.
Rishabh couldn't control himself goes to search for Raina but couldn't find her, Rishabh realizes that he only loves Raina.Let's see is this the turning point in Rishabh-Raina's love story.

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