Ishqbaaz mein aane wala hai ek aur naya twist

Omkara gets depressed and panics seeing blood on the sculpture. Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) had left drugs by much difficulty. Now, he takes support of drugs again to get rid of the tension. Before Priyanka could understand his tension and stop him, Omkara takes drugs. Priyanka asks him not to do this to himself again.

Priyanka takes a decision to accept her crime, and save Omkara from becoming drug addict again. Priyanka calls up Randhawa and tells him that she needs to tell about that night incident.

Priyanka meets Randhawa. He asks if she knows anything about that incident. Priyanka is about to confess, when Omkara stops her.

Omkara asks Randhawa what is his personal rivalry with Oberois. He asks him not to drag Priyanka in this case. Priyanka is sent off. Omkara tells Randhawa about Priyanka getting treated for panic attacks, and Randhawa’s interrogation is making her state worse. He warns Randhawa to be away from his sister. Randhawa lost his sister in that accident, and is hunting for the murderer.

Randhawa asks Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) about Priyanka’s panic attacks. He asks if some accident happened with Priyanka which triggers such things. Omkara asks him not to interfere in their personal life. Later, Omkara asks Priyanka about her step.

 He tells her that he is strong enough to protect her. He asks her to think well, Randhawa is the blackmailer who is waiting to make them confess the crime. Priyanka asks Omkara to tell this truth to Shivay.

Omkara does not agree as Shivay (Nakuul Mehta)  is already surrounded by many problems. As Shivay is getting married, they both decide to keep Shivay out of this matter.Omkara promises not to take drugs’ support again, and yet takes drugs to relieve his pain.


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