New twist is set to Happen In Star Plus show Ishqbaaz

In Star Plus Ishqbaaz Saumya seeing Shivaay taking real jewelry out.
Saumya questions Shivaay that why is he hiding it when he knew everything about jewelry.

Shivaay makes fake excuses while Saumya leaves which she gets Anika's mobile.
Saumya turns to tell to Shivaay but finds his eye lenses out, Saumya recognize that he is fake Shivaay or imposter.
Saumya runaway to tell truth to Anika and Shivaay runs after her to catch her.
Saumya reaches Anika's room and sees Anika there where she tells Shivaay's fake truth to her.
Saumya gets shocked seeing that there is Kamini, Kamini attacks over Saumya and she faints.
Kamini reveals that it's her son Mahi, Kamini is using her son Mahi against Oberoi family.
Anika doubt's fake Shivaay
Anika enters the Oberoi mansion to take away Saumya and her mobile phone but couldn't fine her.
Anika gets real Shivaay's call and gets shocked hearing that Shivaay is calling from another number.
Kamini, fake Shivaay was hiding holding Saumya, and here's all but Shivaay cuts call as phone gets off.
Servant comes and Anika goes away, Anika couldn't find Saumya anywhere while Kamini sends Shivaay to handle Anika.

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