UPcoming Story Twist In Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz

Finally, Anika gets clue, overhears fake Shivaay talking to his master mind about real Shivaay kidnapping.


Star Plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz upcoming show going to present a high voltage drama in Oberoi mansion.

Till now, fake Shivaay is successful in befooling Oberoi family members about his identity.

Love bird Anika always feels some intuition about her partner Shivaay being in danger but fake Shivaay keeps her in illusion of his identity.At some stage of this drama Anika starts relaising that she is over stressed over this matter, meanwhile she finds that her intuitiona are right about Shivaay abduction.

Real Shivaay's life in danger and Anika gets clue.As per upcoming track, fake Shivaay manages to get out of his room in the middle of the night.

It was time for Shivaay to talk with his mastermind. Same time Anika finds Shivaay is missing. She goes out in search of him.This time Anika gets shocked to see Shivaay talking in a strange style. Anika overhears fake Shivaay taking in his own desi style unlike Shivaay.

Anika finds out  they were talking about  some kidnapping thus gets strong doubt over Shivaay present with her is fake and not real. 
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