Ranveer’s true face to come out, Shivaay call-off Ranveer Priyanka's Wedding

Ishqbaaz Upcoming Track: After knowing that Ranveer had kidnapped Shivaay, Shivika to call of PriVeer wedding.

The upcoming episode of Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz is going to bring in a lot of twists and turns that will bring major changes to the ongoing story track of Ishqbaaz. Currently, Ishqbaaz serial is showcasing the track of Fake Shivaay aka Mahi , Kamini (Amrapali Gupta) and  Ranveer’s (Ayush Anand) planning against real Shivaay and Pinky and Priyanka (Subha Rajput).

In the latest episode of Ishqbaaz serial, it is seen that Anika finds out that real Shivaay is missing and an imposter (Mahi) is staying in Oberoi Mansion as Shivaay. To Anika’s relief, real Shivaay too returns and both decide to get to the root of the whole matter. Accordingly, In the upcoming track of Ishqbaaz, Anika and Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) will keep up with the drama of Mahi while Shivaay will stay in hiding. Anika and Rudra will get Mahi kidnapped at an opportunity and will dig out the truth.

Shivaay, Anika, and Rudra will be shell shocked to know that Mahi is Kamini’s illegitimate son and that Kamini has always been mentally harassing Mahi. On investigating further, Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta)  and Anika will know that Mahi, in reality, is Pinky’s son and Shivaay’s twin brother, who was stolen by Kamini to avenge Oberoi family and especially, Pinky.

Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika will decide to take a revenge on Kamini for all her deeds. Moreover, Shivaay and Anika will also come to know that Ranveer is hand in gloves with Kamini and Ranveer only had kidnapped Shivaay.

This will bring the end of Priyanka and Ranveer’s wedding. Shivaay will come to know Ranveer’s true face and he will call off Priyanka and Ranveer’s wedding. Are you excited for all the high voltage drama coming up in Ishqbaaz? Keep reading this space for more updates, spoilers, upcoming twists, future stories, and news on Ishqbaaz serial.

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