After Bride Swapping another twist is coming to Take Place In Ishqbaaz

Mahi to shoot Shivaay but Anika get shot saving Shivaay in Ishqbaaz.

The  coming episode of Star Plus leading show Ishqbaaz will show that Kamini plays her last evil game against Anika & Shivaay  by announcing to get Priyanka and Ranveer’s wedding within 20 minutes.On Other haand , Anika knows about Ranveer’s reality so she does not want to let Ranveer destroy Priyanka’s wedding.

Further more  Anika swas herself with   Priyanka’s place in wedding mandap &Shivaay reaches there along with Soumya which makes Kamini furious.
Kaamini tries to reveal Priyanka’s pregnancy in media but Shivaay and Anika tell them that Priyanka was never pregnant.Kaamini is not ready to let Shivaay & Anika win so easily and forces Mahi to shot Shivaay now.

Kaamini provokes Mahi a lot and Mahi fires the gun but Anika come sin between bullet and Shivaay.
Shivay's confession of love will bring anika back to life
Anika gets shot and falls on the floor which makes Shivaay shocked as she never thought Anika would have to bear punishment of his enmity.

Shivaay rushes to hospital where doctor informs Anika is in coma which makes Shivaay break down and he finally confess Anika that she cannot do it with him.

Shivaay says to  Anika that he cannot live without her as he loves her a lot and Shivaay’s love confession forces Anika to back in life for him.


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