Nandini gets injured saving Bindusaar from Nand In ChandraNandini

Chandra and Nandini's face-off in Kaling in Chandra Nandini.

The up and returning scene of Star additionally to components current noteworthy show Chandra Nandini can demonstrate that Chandra (Rajat Tokas) and Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) square measure remaining separate represent Durdhara's cost.

As in venture with the melody, Chadra has propelled loathe niche nearer to Nandini addressing as shekileld his life partner Durdhara within the meanwhile as Nandini is crushed seeing Chandra did now not settle for at her.

Nandini altered her decision as Chandrika concealing her recognizable proof from everyone and live Sat Kaling wherever Chandra involves with Helena and Bindusaar to manage Bidussaar.

Chandr and Nandini return at knife sanctuary within which Chandra will not see Nandini but Nandini is staggeringly dismayed seeing him and is happy seeing Bindusaar.

Nandini gets injured stinting Bindusaar from Nand

On Opposite aspect , Nand arrange to seize Bindusaar rendering retribution from Chandra and Nandini sees it.

Nandini figures out the way to spare Bindusaar obtaining grabbed nevertheless Helena sees it and makes a scene as Nandini making an attempt to murder Yuvraj Bindusaar merely like she slaughtered Durdhara.

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