Details About Anika's Past and Anika's Mother Revealed In Ishqbaaz

Ground slips underneath Shivaay’s (Nakuul Mehta) feet knowing Naintara’s bar singer reality created wall amid Shivika in Ishqbaaz.. The most famous &exciting  Show  on Star plus will now witness a few wrenching twist within the tale after Naintara’s access inside the tale.

Naintara is the mom of Anika whom Shivaay is looking with complete keen and consiciousness.
Pinky trapped Anika into her evil recreation to make Shivika’s part methods.

As in step with the track Shivaay is known as by way of a man that Naintara has reached there.Shivaay follows the call and is excited to know approximately Naintara because he thinks that Naintara is a bhajan singer.

Shivaay shocked by way of Naintara..The coming episode will show that Naintara meets Shivaay in which Shivaay gets to understand that Naintara is a bar singer. Shivaay feels hesitancy over Naintara’s truth.

It could be enchanting to look at the following how Shivika’s love existence will get disturbed with the aid of Naintara’s access.

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