New Mystery Will unfold in Future Episode Of Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz

The upcoming episode of Star Plus’s leading show Ishqbaaz will  have extra mystery, drama, romance &  comedy among Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) &  Anika (surbhi Chandna) at some point of their jungle drama. As per track  , Shivaay and Anika get stuck in jungle after the car  blasts incident and start their noke-jhoke for now not getting any manner to pop out from jungle.

Anika’s smartness put her in hassle because she gets trapped by using two murders who might have escaped from prison.Anika asks Shivaay that they will ought to take carry from them and Shivaay is of the same opinion as he simply wants to come out from the jungle.

Shivaay and Annika request them for elevate and they agree having their personal reason. On Other Side , Anika senses because the guys aren't properly and attempts to tell Shivaay however one of the goon placed his gun on Anika’s head and warns her no longer to mention something to Shivaay.

Shivaay fights with goons saving Anika..

Anika has the same opinion due to the fact she does not Desire  to position Shivaay’s lifestyles in problem but she shows Shivaay about the chance around them using her code phrases. How will Shivaay keep Anika from assassin’s clutches?

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