10 Reasons to Start Watching Ishqbaaz Now

Star Plus’ “Ishqbaaz” became an instant hit when it released and the fandom was so great they developed a whole other show! “Ishqbaaz” is the only show on Indian television to have a spin off while the original show is still on air!

Yes, guys, it’s that good.

If you’re not watching “Ishqbaaz” already, here are 10 reasons why you need to get started ASAP!

1. Brotherly Love

On the show, Shivvay, Omkara and Rudra have an amazing bond, as their Daadi always says, they are one soul in three bodies. The trio have such a great chemistry that as fans, we want to see them together all the time. There is so much love between the three and actors Nakuul Mehta, Kunal Jaisingh, and Leenesh Mattoo have such a wonderful off-screen chemistry, it really shines on screen as well.

2. Killer Fashion

The costume designers and jewelry designers for the show need an award ASAP for the killer work they do. Every episode every single cast member from little old Daadi to young Sahil looks amazing.  Shivvay’s suits are always so unique, Omkara always has artistic, asymmetrical pieces and even Rudra’s gym wear is super chic. The ladies on the show look fabulous all the time with breathtaking jewelry to match!
Everything is so unique and fashion forward, sometimes I watch more to see what everyone’s wearing next instead of the drama!

3. Anika’s Khidki Thor Dictionary

There is nothing more unique about this show than Anika’s ‘khidki thor’ dictionary! The writers of the show have cultivated a character that will last with fans for years and Surbhi Chandra has done a brilliant job bringing her to life. Anika’s mannerisms, her quirky sayings and her view of the world is so lovable you can’t help but watch just to see what Anika will do (or say) next!

4. Pinky Mom’s “Oh My Mata’s”

Just like Anika’s ‘khidki thor’ dictionary, Pinky mom’s “oh my Mata’s” also show up on “Ishqbaaz” diffusing a tense scene. She is a bit ditzy like her daughter-in-law but we’re soon seeing this over-protective mom go a bit mad with control in the future episodes of “Ishqbaaz.” With Tia, Svetlana, and fake Shivvay gone we’ve moved on to Pinky mom as the new villain of the show. She portrays so well how a mother’s love can soon become suffocating if she can’t deal with losing her son to his wife.

5. Daadi’s Life Advice

Daadi is the sweetest grandma on television. She’s warm, loving, understanding, and full of wisdom—just like all grandmothers should be. Daadi isn’t on the show consistently (although we wish she was) but when she does show up, she takes charge of her home and teaches her loving grandchildren the right way to live life. She shows them their faults and teaches them how to live life to the fullest, clearly, she and Dadaji had an adventurous life

6. Anika and Shivvay’s Chemistry

Whether they’re busy fighting or teasing each other or shyly romancing, Anika and Shivvay have an amazing chemistry. When he looks at Anika you can practically feel the emotions he has for his beautiful life through the television screen. The magic of Nakuul Mehta, television’s blue-eyed heart-throb and the sweet and sassy Surbhi Chandra is unstoppable!

7. Stunning Mansion

The sets of the show are gorgeous and unique. Many times avid television viewers can recognize the set of a show when it has been used before or at times the homes just look the same and boring. However, the Oberoi mansion of “Ishqbaaz” looks stunning and well made. It is glamorous, down to the little details and it still looks like a normal house people live in.
The show is shot in such a stunning manner you’ll think you’re watching a big budget film at times.

8. Crazy Laughs

There is so much great chemistry between all the members of the Oberoi family. From brothers Tej and Shakti down to the four grandchildren of the house, Shivvay, Omkara, Rudra and Priyanka. Whether they are having some laughs while making breakfast or having an angry showdown in the hall, the powerful connection they have with each other is amazing to see on screen.

9. Talented Villains

The villains of the show have their own power over the audience that is astonishing. These villains aren’t always purely evil, they have their own motives and so many layers to their actions. There is depth in these villains and the actors play their roles very well. So well in fact, actress Navina who played Tia Kapoor on the show even got hate mail!

10. Ishqbaazi

There’s nothing like a little #Ishqbaazi to make life fulfilling! We all need it and it’s what makes life worth living. The romance, the fights, the laughs, the chemistry—it’s all worth the watch!

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